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Taymor Pov Chicago, IL10 year later3:23 Pm

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Taymor Pov
Chicago, IL
10 year later
3:23 Pm.


Taymor ran after Nomii trying to put a pull up on her. "Nomii don't make me get pa".

With that she sat on the floor, waiting patiently like she didnt just give her momma the run of his life.

Taymor hurriedly pulled the pull-up on her before she realizes that pa not here.

Taymor sat the energetic child up in which she immediately took off. "DERRIC-"...

"LET GO MY HAIR YOU FAT BITCH" Cee shouted, making Taymor sigh and go into the front room to see Cee and Zehara fighting.

"I'll smack you so fuckin hard that yo name will go backwards. Stop touching my shit" Zehara said.

Now for an 12 year old Zehara could cuss up a storm, it's was mostly taught to her by Derrick and Kentrell.

"I DIDNT TOUCH IT IT WAS ZACEI" Cee cried, while Zehara held her hair tightly.

"STOP SNITCHING" Zacei yelled.

"Now I'm finna fuck you u-"

"What I tell yo wanna be grown ass about cussin in my damn house" Taymor spat, standing at the end of the couch.

"Mommy they messed up all my stuff in my room" Zehara whined.

"That don't give you a right to be cussin like you her momma" Taymor said, grabbing Zehara and lifting her off of Cee.

"I'm surprised you can pick her lil fat ass up" Cee mumbled.

"Cuss again and what I tell you about calling her fat?". Taymor wasn't the type of parent to put his children down because of their weight or what not but he also didn't want the older kids callin Zehara fat cause she was a lil chunky then other 12 year olds.

"Tell 'em Ma and you can't be calling me fat when yo boyfriend chubby too" Zehara teased Cee.

Zehara was correct about Cee's "friend", He was short, chubby and quiet whenever he got picked on Cee would either beat someone ass or hurt someone feelings.


Now when Taymor gave birth to Nomii, they knew she was gonna be a wild child, she didn't cry not once which scared the doctors. When Nomii turned 9 months she was jumping off walls, falling down stairs, hiding in weird places like in trees, in the box springs of the beds, behind the Tv and not to mention trying to hide in the toilet. And with that everyone knew she was Kentrell's child but still no one knew how she got in trees at a young age.


"Zacei and Cee go clean up Zehara's room or what's mess y'all made. If I heard a If, And, Or But y'all getting y'all's ass beat and I bet not heard NOT a single person arguing ok?" Taymor said.

"Ok momma" they both replied together.

They both knew Taymor wasn't a big fan of whooping his kids but he did if he had to but Dayvon on the other hand showed no mercy to them when getting a whooping.

Taymor quickly ran up the stairs, seeing Dayvon pop Nomii's hand in which she started crying. "Don't cry now you got toilet water all over the floor and in ya hair didn't mommy just do yo hair. Why you wanna ruin yo beautiful hair? Hm?".

"s-sorry" Nomii cried.

Nomii wasn't a good speaker, Taymor put her in sign language classes for her to communicate with them without having to talk which worked mostly with Derrick, Him, And Kentrell.

Dayvon didn't understand nothing she signed, which had to make her talk.

"Come on let me give you a bath and redo yo hair" Taymor said, reaching for Nomii.


"Open the door for pa Cee" Taymor told Cee as he braided Nomii hair.

Cee ran to the door unlocking it to see Kentrell and Jaiku.

Jaiku was Derrick child that he gave birth to and the child was Kentrell's too but Jaiku was a quiet and calm baby he was like Nomii twin but the opposite.

"I swear I hate bitches" Zacei mumbled at the Tv.

"Pa home Niggas" Kentrell yelled, making Nomii try and jump up.

"Let me finish yo hair" Taymor said, as he braided the last braid putting the beads on it.

Kentrell came next to Taymor and kissed his forehead. "You need ya hair done next wit yo bad ass" Kentrell stated to Zacei as he walked pass him.

Zacei had long hair he only liked getting line ups and braids. Dayvon fucked his hairline up twice and he had to walk around the house with a hand band til it grown back.

"Momma said he gon do my hair when he finish so mind yours" Zacei mumbled the last part.

"Tell 'em boo. Alright come over here so I can do your hair" Taymor said, as Nomii got up following


"Do you want more kids in the future?" Taymor asked with his head in Derrick lap while Kentrell and Dayvon rubbed they feet.

"Yeah ima tryna have at least 10 kids each with both of y'all" Dayvon said, rubbing oil on the heel of Derrick foot.

"What if it don't work out and we break up" Taymor mumbled.

"We last this far with everything that happen in life, and we all love each other we don't treat nun of yall different than the other. Even if we don't last ima still love y'all with all my heart" Kentrell ranted.

"Do you mean it?" Taymor questioned.

"Yeh I do"

"I love y'all so much"

"We love you too"

One big happy family...


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