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Strong sexual content ahead


It feels like a dream that I'm now lying in Aiden's arms again

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It feels like a dream that I'm now lying in Aiden's arms again. After quality time with my parents during the weekend, I'm now back in Aiden's penthouse. In his bed, precisely.

Mom and dad must have arrived in Toronto by now.

A sad smile touches my lips when I remember how I hugged them so tightly in the airport before the plane took off. It must have been because of the guilt I was feeling that the farewell hurt even more.

I love my parents so much. I want to tell them how happy I am after meeting Aiden, but I can't. My happiness will not be theirs. There's no way that dad wouldn't blame Aiden for what happened or blame me for lying to them. Lying about being attacked, living with Aiden, and now...being together with him.

"Are you thinking about your parents?" Aiden's voice is close to my ear. He tightens his hold around me from behind.

He's spooning me, kissing my neck. His touch is sending shivers down my spine.

I still can't explain this overwhelming feeling every time he holds me. Being in his arms makes me feel a lot of emotions, but most of all, I feel secure. Being with him makes me feel safe and contented.

However, I can't deny that the thought of my parents is bothering me.

Aiden and I did get out of the woods, fortunately, but it doesn't make me feel better about not being honest with my parents.

"Yes," I answer Aiden in a small voice, surprised by how sad I sound.

I can sense that he notices my sadness because the next thing he does is turn me around to face him. He frowns, caressing my cheek. The tender look in his beautiful amber eyes makes it hard for me to breathe.

"Hey," Aiden whispers, so softly.

I swallow. I don't want to look like a crybaby.

"Are you okay? What's the matter?" he asks, but the worry on his face lets me know that he can already figure out what's bothering my mind.

"I just don't want to be sent away," I whisper brokenly. "I don't want to leave Seattle," I say as if I'm trying to justify my action, but I don't know if my parents will ever understand.

Aiden's eyes soften. He presses a long and hard kiss on my forehead. I close my eyes, feeling my heart thud. He sighs, holding me tight. I wrap my arms around his back.

"It's okay," he says. "You're here. You're still here." His voice is shaking, as though he's trying to contain his feelings and convince himself that I'm not going anywhere.

His lips brush against mine, and I feel like crying. Why am I feeling this way? I should be glad that my parents didn't figure out about us, but it doesn't heal this restlessness.

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