Chapter 51 • Drunk thoughts

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Sebastian Knight

She was sleeping peacefully against my chest as I ran my fingers through her hair gently, my eyes stare at the sunrise through the huge windows of the room and I let out a sigh, placing a kiss on her forehead.

From the moment the doctor said to me that she might walk again after at least eight months if she continues doing the treatments, he told me not to tell anyone so that they don't get their hopes up too much because, in the end, it all depends on how hard Rosa is willing to take.

But I know she is trying her hardest, every fucking day. She tries for me, her family, Madeline- everyone, and most importantly herself. It hurts me to know that I can't do anything about it except watch and help her with the things I could.

My arms wrapped themselves tightly around her as the fear of anything bad could happen to her.

I let out a sigh and glanced at the nightstand looking for any water feeling my throat dry. There wasn't any so I kissed Rosa's forehead before slowly and gently getting out of bed.

I grabbed one of my shirts and put them on as I walked out of the room. I started making my way towards the kitchen downstairs and when I heard the shattering of glass, I froze for a minute.

I pecked my head through the door that led to the kitchen only to see Ares looking down at the now broken glass, "Fuck" He curses before rolling his eyes and grabbing the whole bottle of vodka drinking it without giving a single fuck about how drunk he is.

"Ares? Are you fucking crazy?" His head snaps to me when he heard my voice, I entered the kitchen and pushed him away from the broken glass so that he won't step on it.

"Oh hello, Sebby" He grins throwing his head back as he gulps down the alcohol. "Give me that, now" I went to grab the bottle but he stumbles back.

"No one-" He hiccups, "-Absolutely no one, demands me" He hiccups one more time and I rolled my eyes when he walks out. I just wanted water for god sake.

I walk after him letting out a groan of annoyance, I found him sitting on the couch drinking more and more of the alcohol in his hands. "Ares I'm serious, that's enough," I said trying to take the bottle.

"No, I will stop when I finish the third one" He muttered and my eyes widened, "The third one?! How many did you drink?" I asked and he gives me a drunk smirk pointing at the table behind me.

My eyes fell on an empty big bottle that he drank all of, "Ares, you need to stop drinking like this" I sighed yanking the bottle from his hand, "You will thank me later" I said putting it away from him.

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