Chapter 52 • I need a vacation

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Hello babes,

I'm so sorry for the late update, the school had been on my ass and I couldn't finish the chapter quickly since I have so many upcoming books.

And this book has about 9 chapters left with an epilogue so you know...I have to start preparing for Deadly Temptation and Poisoned Love.

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Have a great read <3

Have a great read <3

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Rosa King

Today we're going to see Alejandro who I miss so much, he didn't tell us where did he go to which country or what time is he going to show up. He just said that he will arrive in the afternoon.

Seb and Maddy were placing some sweets, cookies, and different types of cakes on the table as I stared at them. Feeling like I finally have the perfect family.

The perfect man, the perfect daughter...I mean she will get perfect if she stopped seeing Ares but that's beside the point. No matter how much of a smart mouth she started to have, she is still cute.

I'm just glad that she started to fight her past and finally started to have some people to talk to and let them in.

Sebastian glanced over to his phone when it buzzed before he unlocked it, "His flight just landed, he will be on his way" He informs us before placing his phone back on the table.

Madeline and her Dada started to make the last touches on the place as I let out a sigh. We had to change my treatment time to later tonight, I just couldn't miss seeing Jandro.

"Mommy? Doesn't it look pretty?" Madeline looks at me and asks, pointing at the tables full of flowers and sweets. "Yes sweetheart, it's absolutely gorgeous"

She runs to me and wraps her hands around me as she stood between my legs. I smiled kissing the top of her head before pulling her to sit on my lap.

Sebastian soon takes a seat right next to us on the couch, placing his arm around my shoulders as his thumb rubbed small circles against my skin.

"I will get more sweets," Madeline says and runs towards the kitchen, "She grew up so fast, I can't" Seb chuckles taking my hand in his.

"I know right" I chuckled turning my head to look at him, "I need a vacation," I say out of nowhere, "Oh yeah? Where?" Seb asks, smirking.

"I don't know...maybe Russia?" I looked at him with a raised eyebrow, "Why Russia?" He frowns. "I don't know why, I just love Moscow, the last time I went there is when I was still a kid with Mama when she had some business there," I said, letting out a sigh.

"I will take you, but not now. I think it's better after your treatments are done" Seb says and I nodded, agreeing with his words. I can't say he is wrong. I can't stop the treatments out of nowhere, just for a vacation. It's wrong and unhealthy for me.

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