Chapter 54 • Happiness

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Have a good read <3

Have a good read <3

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Rosa's life seems to be repeated every single day after Sebastian went to France. Waking up, going to her treatments that take hours of her day, spending time with her daughter, family, and friends, and going to bed.

On the other hand, Sebastian didn't stop calling and checking on his family. He watched every single treatment Rosa had and didn't waste a second to see how she started to become better and better.

Rosa was fighting and trying really hard, she started to feel the water running on her legs when she showered while sitting on her chair, and she started to feel it when Madeline taps her legs to get her attention. But she didn't want to tell Seb, she wanted to surprise him whenever he is coming back.

Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months.

Both Sebastian and Rosa wanted nothing more than to see each other again, feel each other's embrace, and raise their daughter with love and happiness.

It's been 6 months, half a year, since Seb went to France. Every time he demands a man he fails, every time he wanted a shipment to arrive, it doesn't. Things just get worse and worse for him that he didn't even realize how much he stayed away from his home, Rosa, and Maddy.

Deep down, Rosa wanted him to stay there and make his main focus on fixing this disaster that can be a huge weakness for his mafia and take his time. She wanted to be able to walk again before he comes back.

The amount of happiness she is feeling about how she started to feel anything that touches her legs and the way she started to walk with the support of the handrails only, without needing help from anyone was indescribable.

Seb was clueless about anything happening with Rosa and how she started to become better and better every day, Rosa didn't give him any signs, and when he asks she just finds her way out of the question.

The days pass and the thing everyone's wish became true, Rosa Arabella King...after almost 9 months now, is fully capable of walking on her own.

Sure it was hard and took so much patience and strength from Rosa, but she didn't think about getting better for herself. It was for the love of her life and her daughter.

After Seb left she decided to stay in his house, she just wanted to live somewhere that reminds her of him.

And due to Rosa living in another house, her family was still busy torturing the two people who are responsible for Rosa's pains.

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