Chapter 55 • You're not gay

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Have an amazing read my loves <3

Have an amazing read my loves <3

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Sebastian Knight

I'm done. I can't take it anymore.

"Get our, now! And call Josh to come here" I say angrily to the man in front of me and he nods rushing out of my office.

I can't stay away from them any longer, I have always tried flying back to them but my oh very sweet loving girlfriend told me there is no need to.

I know I can just go without giving a fuck about what she says but a part of me respected her and I tried my best to see what she is seeing in my stay, and as she said, nothing bad happened? But why do I feel something has happened? Something that's not that bad.

But this time I'm going back without even telling her, cause I know she will say the same thing she always says "Don't come back until you get a grip of everything" Like what's wrong? I don't understand.

A knock on my door was heard and I tell who is probably Josh to come inside, "Yes boss" He stands in front of my desk after closing the door behind him.

"I want all the shops, clubs, hotels, everything to be closed until I come back" His eyes widened with shock, "But sir-I think our businesses will go down if w–"

"It was an order, and I didn't ask for what you think. Just do as you're told because I have been stuck here for more than 6 months without finding any men, all I interviewed were useless boys" I spoke through my grinding teeth.

"As you wish sir" He lowers his head and leaves closing the door after him, I let out a heavy sigh throwing my head back against the chair.

My phone started to ring and I look up at it to see it was Alejandro calling me on FaceTime, "What's up with you?" He asks with a frown when I slammed my head against my desk and closed my eyes.

"My head hurts, my ass hurts, my hands hurt...I'm exhausted" I murmur crossing my arms against the desk and laying my head down on them as I looked at Alejandro with one eye open.

"It's clear, you don't have to say anything" I stare at Alejandro who looks way better than me at the moment, he looks like he is in a cafe or something.

Spain makes him look better, to be honest—You're not gay—I'm just saying.

"Can you tell the assholes to prepare my jet tonight? I will go back to Italy" He nods and I close my eyes after making sure he responded, "You need some air, you look pale" He says wearing his sunglasses and drinking his juice, he is surely living the best moments of his life.

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