Chapter 57 • Mood swings

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Rosa King

"Thank you" I smiled at our new chief as he handed me my plate of pancakes, he started working about two weeks ago since Sebastian came back.

Seb changed the chief cause he was from Matteo's staff but he kept him cause he really didn't do anything but his job, to be honest. And he was really sweet so I didn't want to change him but Seb convinced me somehow.

His food is fine, I'm not trying to be rude but the old chief whose name was Will was better. Today Mama and I have an appointment at the hospital, well not me but I'm just tagging along so we can eat lunch together after we're done.

Madeline is spending the day with Seb, they are going to a house stable that Seb has that's two hours away so they went early so they can get back before sunset.

I quickly finished my breakfast and grabbed my purse and car keys before driving to my parent's house. After fifteen minutes or so I made it into the gates and texted my mother that I'm outside.

I stopped my car in front of the door and soon Mama came and got into the passenger seat, "Good morning" I lean closer to her and kiss her cheek, "Morning" She smiles as we did our special handshake which had a lot of moves.

"So what have you been feeling?" I asked Mama as I started driving out of the mansion heading toward the hospital.

"I mean...our doctors did a check-up but I don't know why I feel a bit humble today and want to go to a hospital" She murmurs shrugging her shoulders.

" you like, I don't know, feel something weird or something?" I asked taking a sip of my white mocha from Starbucks, "No, not really" Mama shakes her head taking the drink I bought for her as well.

"God, I'm the one who's feeling weird these days" I whine as I stopped at a red light, "How weird?" Mama ask as we turned to look at each other.

I licked my lips before sighing, "I don't know, the other day I was crying, fucking crying because Seb didn't tell me he got me Macdonald's before it got cold" Mama raised her eyebrows at me, "I was literally crying, I'm not joking" I state.

"And recently, I have always been mad and jealous of Mads, like what the fuck is wrong with me? I got angry at myself when I realized" I start driving again when the lights turned green.

"God, you really need help" Mama laughs under her breath, "Oh, and also yesterday I yelled at one of my maids cause they didn't put enough ketchup with my bananas"

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