Chapter 58 • My cookie

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Have a nice read babes <3

Have a nice read babes <3

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Rosa King

Yes...he fucking did. He was mixing a substance with my food and it prevented me from getting pregnant cause Matteo gave him lots of it.

What I don't get is why would this bitch keep putting that shit in my food even after Matteo got murdered, like what the actual fuck is in his head?

Mama had one of the men tie Will up in a chair cause he didn't answer so obediently but oh well.

"Why would you do it?" I ask leaning against the wall as Mama glares at him tightening her hold on her knife that had some of Will's blood covering it.

"I was demanded t—" I cut him off, "-After that asshole got killed, you still used it, why?" I asked as my hands curled into fists, my blood was boiling cause every time I feel like I'm finally happy with my life, someone who I less expect stabs me in my back.

He looks down and I gave him a few seconds to speak but he didn't, I let out a heavy sigh feeling a little dizzy before pointing at one of the men. "Guard him, no water or food until I say so," I say walking out of the basement towards my room.

I walk inside and remove my shoes before laying down on my bed, after a few minutes Mama walks in and closes the door behind her before taking a seat on the edge of my bed.

"Are you okay?" She asks caressing my cheek with her thumb, "Mhm, I just need a little nap" I murmur closing my eyes, "Okay, I will be downstairs doing, just call me if you need me" Oh I know that business damn well.

"Enjoy, but don't do too much of a bloody mess" I smile as my eyes stay closed, "Come on I'm not that evil, I will keep a few drops for you" She chuckles as I could hear her footsteps fading away as she walked out of the room closing the door after she stepped out.

I decided to check on Seb and Maddy so I reached out for my phone that I placed on the nightstand before calling Seb. "Hello love" He replies almost immediately as the screen showed me his face.

"Hey" I smiled softly at him, "How are you two doing?" I asked tugging the blanket higher feeling a little cold. "We are great, look at Mads she is having the time of her life" Seb smiles before flipping the camera to Maddy.

She was giving some horses carrots and her sweet giggles filled my ears making a smile form on my face, "Mads, come and say hi to mama" My smile grows as Madeline appears on the screen waving her hand.

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