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Chapter - 46

Ellie Rose-

I clenched my jaw pressing my lips together as my anger finally raised up inside me. He just crossed his limits. How fucking dare him. My blood was now boiling inside me as I didn't waste a second and slapped him hard on his cheek.

"How dare you?! What do you think of me?!" I muttered. I don't know from where I got this confident to speak with Marcello Rossi like this but I couldn't control my anger anymore after hearing those words. I was only granted for Mason. My soul, my body in fact whole me belong to Mason Williams only and no one else.

He took a step back rubbing his slapped one cheek letting out a dark chuckle.

"I only love Mason and you better remember that. I belong to Mason Williams only and no one else so stay the fuck away from me Marcello Rossi" I warned, breathing hard from how angry I was. "I just wanted your help but not anymore"

Marcello didn't took his eyes off me as I turn around on my heels and storm out from his office and out from his glass building.


Tears were flowing down my cheeks. I kept wiping them but couldn't stopped them as I got into my car droving towards my home. I was feeling so disgusted. So low.

I wished you were here Mason.

I stopped the car in front of that lake where once I and Mason used to came. All those memories were flashing in front of me.

I miss him. His chuckle, smile, voice, everything. Every fucking thing. His kisses, his love, his those beautiful eyes- God.

I collapsed on the grass crying hard.

"Why did you left me?! Why?!!" I screamed. "I want my answer God! Please!! Why the fuck did you left me Mason Williams!!"

I covered my face with my hands crying hard. It was getting so hard for me to live without him anymore. It hurts. It hurts so fucking bad. I can't do this anymore.

Ring Ring*

I pulled out my phone from my jacket pocket to see a call from Diana. I wiped the tears trying to calm myself down but tears kept rolling down my cheeks as I hold the phone near to my ear.

"H-Hello" I whispered.

"Ellie Rose! God damnit where are you?" Diana asked.

"I-I I-I'm-" I couldn't even speak trying hard not to break into tears. I don't want them to worry.

"Ellie? You okay? Why are you crying?"

I took a deep breathe holding back my tears.

"N-Nothing. Where are k-Kids?" I asked.

"They're sleeping. Don't worry about them. But what's wrong with you? Tell me please. I'm really getting worried now"


"Fuck it, tell me where you're. I'm coming to pick you up"

"I'll text you" I whispered.

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