31- She Was Here

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Sabrina pov

I'm so fucking releaved... Michelle has no idea what I did. Always knew she was a dumb fucking bitch. Besides she can't be mad at me I didn't drive the car Nicklaus did. But she is a very overdramatic person.

I saw my door open a while after Michelle left. It was Ben "What did she want?" he asked me serious. "She forgave me... She has no clue about what happened." I said smiling.

"Wipe that smile of your face." he said cold and angry. He has never talked to me like this before. I was shocked and hurt but I tried to hide it.

"Look brina I helped you because you are my sister but let's not forget so is Michelle. We can't act like you didn't kill someone. And not just anyone someone she really cared about." he said while his eyes soften a little bit.

"I'm sorry" I said and I felt tears fall from my face. He came to my side and hugged me. "Hey.. It's okay... No one is going to find out I'll make sure of it." he said sounding determined.

Benjamin pov.

After leaving Sabrina's room I got a text from dad telling me to meet him in his office. When I got inside dad was sitting on his chair and Cooper and Isabella were also there." What's going on? " I asked when I got inside.

"We are trying to find out who was driving the car." my heart started to beat faster. I knew they weren't going to be able to find anything because I made sure of it but I was still terrified of my father.

"You okay there bro? You look little pale." Cooper said snapping me out of my own thoughts. "I'm fine." I said and the door opened again. When I turned around I saw bear. "You called me?" he said talking with dad.

"Yes, I need you to find anything about the crash, maybe there were cameras along the road." dad explained to him. He walked over to dad's desk where the laptop was. He started to type on it. Isa, dad and coop all looked carefully what he was doing.

I pulled my phone out and texted the guy I paid to make sure to get rid of the footage. When I asked if he did it he responded with a message that scared me shitless. "I haven't done it yet."

I texted him telling him I'll kill him if he doesn't get the job done right now. I started sweating and watched as Bear kept typing on the keyboard. "I've got camera's along the road" he informed us. "Can you get the footage?" Isa asked him. "Yup, just give me a few seconds." he said not looking up.

I started freaking out and I walked over to them and saw the computer loading 70%, shit shit shit. it kept loading until 100%

But it then said File has been deleted "That's weird" Bear said looking at the computer. "It's been completely erased. Everywhere even from the drive" he explained, I immediately relaxed.

"How is the posible?" Isa asked. "The person who was in the car must have gotten rid of the evidence." dad said thinking out loud. "I'll see if I can do something but it will take a few hours." Bear informed us focusing back on the computer.

Thats when there was a loud scream all off a sudden. I quickly ran following the sound straight to Sabrina's room. I had my gun in my hand just in case. When I opened the door she was sitting on the floor in the corner while holding her legs close to her chest hyperventilating. I put my gun back in the holster.

I immediately went to her side. "What's wrong Brina?" I asked with softness in my voice. "She was here." Is all she said with pure horror written all over her face. "Who was here brina?" Cooper asked.

"I want to speak to Ben alone" she said. "Princess are you sure?" dad asked her. She only nodded and they left hesitantly. "What's going on?" I asked her as we both sat on her bed.

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