Chapter 38

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Hi everyone, here's another chapter for you❤️

~Victoria's POV

You have got to be kidding me...
I look at all the pictures of Xavior and the hate comments towards me. How could I have trusted a psycho like her? I ask myself as I continue to scroll through her journal.

I force myself to stop and to sneak back out of the room before she comes back. I open the door and see that the hallway is empty. I quickly close the door behind me and make my way to the downstairs area where Jackson showed me those horrid images of Xavior.

I think of going back to my room to see if the pendant is still blinking red so that I can wear it again, but that would raise some suspicion as I just told Jackson that I basically hate Xavior. I make it to the downstairs area and watch the sun and the trees from the roof.

I start to think if I actually want part of this life. I mean look where it has gotten me. I've been chained, lied to, lost my dad for almost six years and my life will always be in constant danger. I let out a shakey breath and recollect myself. This isn't for me, maybe Xavior was wrong about Jackson... I think carefully to how Jackson was gentle with me or his motives for wanting to be the leader.

I feel a wave of empathy when I think back to Jackson and his life. Maybe Jackson is not the villain after all...

~Jackson's POV

"Have you heard anything from that Joseph freak?" I ask one of my guards who I asked to look for Joseph after he went rogue. I look at my computer screen and watch Victoria laying on the couch, looking at the sky.

"No Boss. Jessica is not at her parents and Joseph went off the radar." I keep cool because they are not my concern. I thank him and end the call.

I watch with eagle eyes how Victoria is in conflict with herself. I smile as I realize I finally got into her head. There's a knock on the door and Claire walks in looking sexy as always.

She walks over, slowly and seductively. I watch her with lustful eyes and she notices it. She smirks and stands in front of me, blocking my vision from the computer screen.

I stand up, towering over her and moving closer and closer until I have of my hands placed on the desk on either sides of her body, trapping her. She leans back to look at me and moves up onto my desk so that she is sitting on it.

The denim shorts and casual top she had on for breakfast is replaced with a short summer dress, similar to the one Victoria had on.

The denim shorts and casual top she had on for breakfast is replaced with a short summer dress, similar to the one Victoria had on

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She opens her legs wide enough for me to stand in between them. She then begins slowly brushes her hand up my arms and rests her hands behind my neck.

I take my right hand and slowly run my finger up her thigh. She shivers and I get closer to her neck, smelling her feminine fragrance.

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