Chapter 39

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The chapter is finally coming to an end! Who's as excited as I am? But anyways, here's another chapter for you ❤️ another thing I've noticed is that some later chapters has more reads than earlier ones. The chapters flow like one, so if the beginning of a chapter does not make sense, it is because you missed the previous one.

Story recap~ Victoria figured out how to activate the tracker that was inside her pendant. Xavior gets her location and is now preparing to get back what was taken from him.

~Victoria's Pov

The sun has finally set and the moon begins to take over. The stars are shining much brighter since the last time I've seen them. My hand reaches my neck to touch the spot where the pendent would've been.

I sigh, conflicted about everything. I get up feeling the exhaustion of the day take a hold of me. I walk up the stairs and out of the beautiful area into a dark empty house. As I continue walking through the quiet hallways, a soft sound can be heard in the distance.

Curiosity gets the better of me and I decide to follow the sound. As I get closer, the sound becomes more clear and it is the cackling of a warm fire. I walk into the living room where the sound is originating from. There I see Jackson sitting comfortably on a big sofa, reading a book.

The orange hue from the flames casts beautiful dimensions on his face. His chiseled chin is more defined and the light contrasting the dark room creates mysterious shadows on some parts of his face, making you tempted to find out more about his mysteries.

I slowly back away from the wall I was hiding behind, but before I could move, I hear Jackson's voice fill the atmosphere. "Why don't you join me? Instead of hiding behind walls like a creep." I hear a light humor in his voice at the last sentence. I look back to see his face still glued to the pages of the book.

I walk in slowly, stopping at the entrance of the living room." How did you know I was here?" I ask curiously while crossing my arms over my chest. The house gets cold in the night.

Jackson replies without even taking his eyes off the book. "In this line of work, you are always alert." He says turning the page. "And you have heavy feet, I could hear you coming from a mile away." We both share a light laugh before he diverts his eyes away from the book and to me.

The light of the fire reflects in his eyes, making it more enchanting. He takes note of my body language and waves me to come in." I can see you're getting cold, come in and sit by the fire." I walk with hesitation. I start to realize the position I'm in. Alone with Jackson. No one around. This could turn out bad. Jackson seems to pick up on my hesitation and sighs.

He closes his book and gets up. I stop in my tracks wondering what he is about to do. "I'll leave, you seem uncomfortable with me being here, so I'll leave you to enjoy the fire. Goodnight." He begins to walk off, but my mouth reacts faster than my brain. "Wait!" I call out, immediately going blank.

Jackson turns around with the book tucked under his arms and waits for me to continue. "I don't want to chase you away. You were here first." He nods and walks off to the side of the room. I watch him pick up what looks like a bean bag chair and brings it to me.

He hands it over and I take it from him. He goes back to the sofa which is placed a few meters away from the fire. He opens his book and continues reading, completely ignoring me.

I place the bean bag chair in between the fire place and Jackson. I face the fire and sit comfortably to let the heat warm my skin. After some time, I begin looking around. I spot a picture of Claire and I immediately think of Kyle, Jackson's brother. I turn around to face Jackson who is concentrated on the book in front of him.

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