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Ellie Rose__

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Ellie Rose__

Few weeks later.

"Ellie I'm taking the kids with me outside for lunch" Mom said while painting her lips with the gloss. "Get your ass off the bed and get ready. You're coming too"

I groaned before rolling into my stomach.

"I don't want to go mom. Please you take the kids with you"

She rolled her eyes before turning to face me.

"I don't want to hear anything. You've been in the bed for 24 hours. Get your lazy ass off the bed. NOW" She glared at me. I covered my ears with the pillow getting annoyed.

"I'm not feeling well Please"

"Stop giving me this excuses. I just want to spend sometime with my daughter and the kids "

"Mom last night I was working until 4 am. I'm really having a painful headache. I just need some sleep and rest please" I groaned as I watched her pressed her lips together.

Of course she got disappointed.

"God.. I'm so tired of you baby" She let out a sighed then walked out from my room shutting the door closed behind her.

I remained silent shutting my eyes closed. A drop of tear rolled down my left cheek. No one knew how damn broken I was from inside. I wished they could understand me.

"I need you Mason. Please.. I miss you" I whispered.


Once I'd done with my shower and changing clothes. I brushed my wet hair before using towel to dry it. I was looking a whole mess and lifeless being on bed for 24 hours without any food or anything. I was starving. Mom, Diana and kids were already gone. I was kinda regretting now for saying no to Momma.

Ring Ring*

I grabbed my phone from the bed to see Marcello's call. I quickly picked up the call and hold it to my ear.

"Hello Sweetheart"

"Hi Marcello. Do you've any news about Mason?" I asked curiously. "Did you find him?"

"Calm down Princess. I called you for something else" he replied causing my eyebrows to slightly come together.


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