1. how they are in bed

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luke is passionate but in no way vanilla trust me i am 110% sure on this one. he's probably rlly kinky and shit but instead of being like "fuck you little whore" he'd be like "you like that, princess?" or "you know you're safe, cum for me baby" and just asdfghjkl it's too much for my ovaries. he's also definitely love eating you out and fingering you because he's a gentleman we all know that. he'd want you to cum as much as possible bc him knowing he made u feel good is all he wants.

ashton i think ashton is the complete opposite of luke in bed, i feel like ashton is really dominate, and he's definitely into bdsm don't even tell me otherwise because u lie if u say he's not. he has a daddy kink for sure and i can't even start on that because this will be wayy too long. ashton probably is rough and likes to treat you like a little whore, and if he got too rough there'd be a safe word and he's spank you sometimes cause those massive hands oh god.

michael you can fight me on this all u want but i'm 99% sure michael is submissive. he just gives off that vibe. not don't get me wrong, he'd definitely be all for giving you a taste of your own medicine if you flirted with someone at the club or something, but he'd love the thought of you having complete control over him and oh fuck give me holy water rn because michael trembling beneath you

calum he is definitely the hardest to figure out, some people say he's rlly passionate and gentle, others say he's rough af.

i think he's both. i feel like he's be really rough and kinky on u during foreplay, but then as soon as it was time for actual sex, he'd make love to you because that's the only way he felt was right. he couldn't just fuck you, it always had to be love 100% of the time. and ofc because he's calum he'd have some music in the background to set the mood.

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