2. kinks

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calum would be into bondage. he wouldn't like having sex with you bound, because obviously, he likes the feeling of your nails raking his back. but during foreplay, oh god, believe me, calum wants you hand cuffed and legs tied to foot board.


luke gives off an over stimulation vibe. the thought of him making you feel good, so many times would be a turn on for him. he would make you cum a million ways, from actual sex, to fingers, but his favorite would be eating you out until you came atleast 3 times, which he would always get you there bc of that damn lip ring.


like i said in my last blurb, michael is submissive. he would love being cuffed, and bound. however, i think he would also have a food kink. he loves eating, but the only thing he loved more would be eating off you. he would love trying everything from whipped cream, to ice cream(which you would tell him no on bc cold).


this is hard to pick kinks because he definitely has alot. he'd love being called daddy, it just make him feel authoritative and in control. he'd also love spanking you, just because his massive hands across your ass would make him just melt at the sight of you moaning because he spanked you.

i think he'd also be into bdsm, bondage, i mean like the total package right here.

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