The breakup

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If your characters don't break up for a number of months/years after a simple misunderstanding that could be solved by simply sitting down and talking for 5 minutes and your MC doesn't spend the entire time depressed and crying and eating ice cream from the tub while their bestie comforts them and then they see love interest at a party, store, or in public, stare at each other, and end up getting back together happily ever after, is your book really a romance?

No, you don't do that? bOrInGggggg

Just about every single romance writer on wattpad has to do it.

Why? Well, it's due to one or both of these reasons, their plots are mundane, and/or they can't seem to grasp the fact relationships are founded on the most basic thing ever, such as talking to your partner.

Your MC seeing the LI with their female cousin and thinking he's cheating and breaking up before he can even say a fucking word showcases how immature you are. And I really, really hope you don't think that's how you handle issues in a relationship cause you're gonna be single for the rest of your life, and rightfully so.

bUt iT's DrAmA!1!! The breakup isn't drama, it's not pulling on heartstrings or showing how strong your characters' relationship will be afterward. It's pulling on toxic and dumb. Besides, we all know the characters are going to end up back together anyway so it's also extremely predictable. 

If you want your romance to be interesting, mix in other genres and build a plot that isn't 2D and boring.

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