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My mother fucking spoiled Sofia

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My mother fucking spoiled Sofia. She has a whole new set of toys, clothes, colouring supplies. You name it. Of course my little girl is so happy about it and is addicted to my mother. She's been attached to her hip, not mine. I gotta admit, I don't like it.

Sofia is asking her to play with her, and for her to pick out her clothes, even for her to hold her hand while crossing the fucking street.

I love my mother, and she can stay for as long as she wants, but Sofia is my little girl. I don't share, not even with my mom.

"Purple bows." I heard my little one say from the washroom.

I walked over to the doorway, peering in, seeing Sofia sat on a stool with my mother doing her hair. I sighed and turned around, going to the kitchen to grab my phone that was buzzing.

"Hey boss, we need you down here to sign some papers. Chain guys are here. Apparently something isn't going according to plan." Paul said.

"Do you know what?" I asked as I pinched the bridge of my nose.


"Fuck." I cursed. "I'll be right that." I hung up then went back over to the bathroom. Sofia just finished on her hair. "C'mon honey, we gotta go down to the club."

"I don't wanna go." She huffed. I blinked in shock. She loves going there. That's not the response that I wanted.

"Princess, you always want to go there."

"Well I don't know." She muttered.

Just as I was about to tell her to watch her tone, my mother cut me off. "She can hang out with me, you go Tate."

"I'd rather have her with me."

"You'll be in and out. You won't even notice." She waved her hand. "Go, shoo." I stood still. "Tatum, go."

Are you fucking kidding me?

Sofia clearly wanted to be with my mother rather than he daddy, which, I'm not gonna lie, didn't make me feel all that happy.

"Yeah, okay." I mumbled and walked away from them.

I grabbed a few things then left the house, getting into my truck. I basically sped there, wanting to get this over with, parked out back, and walked in the back way.

I met Paul at the bar. "Where's Sofia?"

"Who the fuck knows." I muttered. My mother could've already pulled her onto her a train for New York.

"What?! Oh my god! Where did you last see her?! I'll help you find her!"

"No, dipshit. She's with my mother. Where are the two?"


I just grunted a thanks and walked away, right to my office. It was only Harrison, his son Andy wasn't with him.

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