See you Soon

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"I'll see you on the other side of the stars

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"I'll see you on the other side of the stars."


"Look at us! The terrific trio back together again!" Klaus sang cheerfully, arms slung across both Thea and Ben's shoulders. "Look out world, we're ready to reign chaos once more!"

Klaus' mad cackles were interrupted by Ben's irritated sigh. "How many times do I have to tell you? I'm not–"

"Benerino. Don't ruin my fun so soon, alright? I'm not comparing you to our Ben, I'm just celebrating the reunion of our holy trinity of perfection." He cheered. "Whether you're our Ben or another Ben doesn't matter. In the grand scheme of the universe, you're still a Ben and that's good enough for me."

As his mad ramblings continued Ben shared an exasperated look with Thea, who could only smile crookedly at her brother's mad ramblings.

"There's no stopping him once he gets excited," she explained. "It's best to just go along with it, trust me."

And so they did.

For the rest of the night, the 'terrific trio' drank and danced and laughed and drank some more. They indulged to their hearts content. And even after that.

At some point, Thea remembered stumbling along the corridors while Klaus and Ben ranted and raved behind her, shit-faced and incompetent as they all tried to find where the rest of their family had disappeared while they'd been away. Too drunk to notice their surroundings and too inebriated to remember that the world was ending.

Too lost in their own world to care about the real one.

The lilting sound of music playing from above called her toward the stairs and taking them one by one like a wobbly-footed toddler, Thea whooped in joy as she finally made it to the top without breaking her neck.

"Go me!"

"Holy shit, are you drunk?" Diego asked with a chuckle as he watched Thea stumble toward them all like a baby deer.

The group – Luther and Sloane sat against the stone wall, Diego and Lila perched beside them, alongside Five and Viktor, who both had taken places upon the floor – all looked up at the words to be greeted with a stumbling, hiccupping Thea who looked buzzed out of her mind.

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