Chapter 39 of TMAHLQ PART III

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I asked on my message board and some people were interested in reading. Again, a backstory, they are in Hawaii, it's Sophia's birthday and....... yes. That's it. Sophia and Ashton are in a relationship and let me remind you, I'll add the part explaining how Ashton basically made Sophia leave the house urgently to go to a place he never told her to basically surprise her.

I would love to see your comments and your thoughts! Love you all!


This is Ashton playing a drama and acting, to basically make Sophia think that they are in danger and need to get out of the house in an emergency when in reality, he is just taking her to Hawaii to surprise her, but Sofie doesn't know this.


Today was March 18 and my girls' birthday was on March 22 and I didn't want to give her any sort of hints of what the surprise was so I decided to go through the worst way possible which was to scare the living shit out of her. The plan was to kickstart the plan with Ashton Romanno productions.

Lights, camera, and........... i-knew-this-would-be-one-hell-of-an-unforgettable-run-away-and ACTION!


I rushed into my room to see her sitting on my bed, only in her undergarments watching Netflix and eating...... a large pizza by herself? Goddd!

She looked at me with concern, suddenly sitting up and paused the movie, "Is everything okay, hun?"

I faked being breathless when I held her arms and shook her, "Don't ask any questions. Get up quickly and start packing, we need to leave ASAP."

She left her pizza when I went and started packing. I was ramming my clothes in the suitcase to show urgency when she laid her hand softly on my arm, "What happened, Ashton? Is everything okay?"

"No, nothing's okay. We have to evacuate this area as soon as possible. Everleigh has already left with Emma and Phoenix. Massimo and Ella are waiting for us to evacuate so that they can leave immediately afterwards, before this house blows apart. A few guards are left, the rest have already left Italian bases are are rushing over to my other bases to strengthen security for us when we land there since we are going into temporary hiding. Angel, please stop asking questions and do as I say. We need to evacuate ASAP."

She nodded, worry lines etched on her face when she rushed and got to work. I had informed Massimo to make sure the passages were clear when we would be leaving the house so that Sophia doesn't suspect a thing. I even thought of telling her later that Everleigh was already with Phoenix and Emma on another plane and we will reach by another one when I looked back to see my beautiful girl running back and forth packing.

Damn, I'm so sorry angel, but I wanted some fun.


Now the chapter starts which is a cute banter between a frustrated-cute Ashton and a...... well, Sophia. Lol.

ASHTONSophia wore a white crop top with denim blue shorts which cupped her ass perfectly from behind ITCHING THE FUCK OUT OF ME knowing we were going outside and that people would stare at that gorgeous piece of ass. She wore her hoop earrings and my black Raybans with some sandals before looking at me indicating that she was ready.

I eyed her naked legs, "I absolutely hate this but at the same time I love it as people can stare at you and still never have you and since it's your birthday, I'll let you go. Otherwise, you know I'd rather lock you up in a stinky suitcase than let you go out like this."

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