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[Published on September 14, 2022 by Haruhi]

Sky, was left alone wandering in the influential racing car spot and he's lucky to meet Phrapai who's there to help him

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Sky, was left alone wandering in the influential racing car spot and he's lucky to meet Phrapai who's there to help him. However, he had to give something in return and both of them ended up sleeping together. 

Two months passed, Sky was trying his best to forget about the one nightstand because he was sure that the relationship they had that night wasn't anything special and won't last anyway.

However, not for Phrapai as he began to show interest in Sky as the guy impressed him. He even asked for help from Waren (a.k.a Rain), Sky's close friend. No matter what Phrapai did, Sky didn't show any hint of soft-heartened. Sky focussed on his studies and went all out in each faculty's activities until one day, his body gave up.

Sky fall sick and Phrapai thought this was his chance. Phrapai spent the night taking care of Sky and gradually learn the reason why Sky insisted on not having any relationship. Sky apparently hiding a secret from his past. 

"Nong know it well right that this kind of event, you need a pass. Secretly enter the place like this, it's bad na~"

"If that's so, I'm asking what can I do so that I could leave this place in peace?" And then, the thing he's afraid of... happened.

"P' think... nong know what I want"

Even when Sky told himself that he won't have any kind of relationship with anyone, but as he looked around, realising the security of the place was hell tight, the young guy had no choice but to accept it!

Hi Skyers, Haruhi's here! (the calling I make for PhrapaiSky team LOL~)

First of all, I want to make it clear that this is NOT NOVEL TRANSLATION. I didn't have time to fully translate the novel, so I decide to make this work as a CHAPTER'S REVIEW. In each update, I will retell what happens in the chapter and attach a short self-translation as a reference. Other than that, we Skyers can be fangirling about both the novel and series together ^^

☁ The novel LOVE SKY พระพายหมายฟ้า (roughly means 'love sky Phrapai aims Sky) has 28 chapters in total, including the intro. This novel is related to the novel LOVE STORM พายุรักโถมใจ and both are written by Khun MAME and published by Deep Publishing.

☁ Personally, I like this novel because of Phrapai's personality and the series version of Phrapai & Sky. I can't wait to see them making more appearances in the series which I believed starting from Ep 8, right? 

☁ Regarding the NC, I'm not sure how many chapters contain NC but as far as I have read (which is only chapter intro until 8 then I skip looking for NC chapter LOL), chapter intro, 13, 16 and 21 do have NC. Other than that, as far as I recall, their break-up took place in chapter 17. I didn't read the chapter about Sky's past with his ex yet, but I think it's figurable that his ex, Gun plotted something bad with his friend and this related to Sky sexually and affected him. So, these are the chapters that I wish to review and share with Skyers ^^


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