Chapter 9

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I slowly get out the car and wait for Ethan to walk around his car.

"Can you give me a minute?" I rush out. My hands are sweaty, my mind is a mess, and my heart feels like it is going to explode.

"Yeah. I'll wait right here." He gives me a small reassuring smile.

I smile back and begin my journey to my house. I had called Layla before-hand letting her know about the situation. She decided to stay in her room for the rest of the night to give us the privacy we needed.

I close the door behind me and make my way to my room.

"Get it together Skylar!" I yell at myself in the mirror and quickly get ready for tonight. I don't want Ethan to be waiting for too long.

I change into a black long-sleeve t-shirt and some comfy sleep shorts. I remove my makeup and tie my hair in a high ponytail. After giving myself another pep-talk, I walk out to look for Xander.

"Xander?" I call and jump as Layla walks around the corner.

"I know you told me not to do anything, but I knew you wouldn't be able to do munch." She glances between me and the door.

"I decided to clean the house and cook you a meal. Xander is playing in the living room."

I nod and smile at her. She quickly tells me some encouraging words before she leaves. I quietly watch Xander play with his toys. His cheeks are rosy and plumb. His cute little outfit makes him even more lovable. I finally make my way to him.

His blue eyes recognize me immediately as he stands up and reaches for me.

"Hey baby." He shrieks and shoves me his car toy. I hold him even tighter before finally making my way to the door.

I take a huge breath in before opening it. Ethan stands before me, and his smile falters as he sees me holding Xander.

"Welcome to my house." I try my best to smile but I can feel the tears in my eyes. Xander continues playing with my hair and moving around in my arms.

"Hey little guy." Ethan touches Xander's cheek. His big blue eyes scan him before he reaches for Ethan. His chubby hands opening wide. Waiting for Ethan to carry him.

My heart clenches and I hold my breath as Ethan reaches for him.

"Let's go inside." Ethan says and I don't stop my tears from falling as he closes the door behind him. Xander doesn't mind being in Ethan's arms and I quickly wipe my tears.

Xander is in love with his dad. He touches his growing beard and tie. He babbles to him; you can understand some words but his enthusiasm pierces my heart.

"Let's sit down in the couch." I mumble as I wipe more tears. He sits with Xander on his lap. His eyes hold mine but I quickly look away.

"This is Alexander Nathan Anderson, your son." I don't look at Ethan. I keep my eyes on Xander.

"This is your dad, Ethan Anderson." I whisper.

My eyes widen as Ethan pulls me closer. I'm practically on top of him as he lays his back against the couch. Xander reaches for my hair as he sits on Ethan's chest.

"Damn it Sky." He rubs at his chin and glances between me and Xander. He still holds me as he mumbles words to himself.

"I'm sorry." I grip his suit in my hands and curl myself closer to him.

I don't know how long we stayed in that position. Him holding me and playing with Xander while I apologize.

"There is food on the table. Do you want to eat?" I ask.

Ethan looks at me and lets me go. I wait patiently as Xander holds both his hands in his tiny ones.

"Can I spend some time alone with my son?" His voice is void of emotion. My hands shake as he pulls away.

"Y-yeah. Of course." I quickly get up from the couch and make my way to the dinning table.

I begin serving us some pasta but the sound of Xander laughing and screaming pulls at my heart strings. I slowly crumple down on the chair and cry.


"Hey. Sky..." Someone moves me and I jump awake. I stumble a bit before strong hands wrap around me.

"Where is Xander?" I ask. I frantically look around.

No wh—

"He fell asleep. I went around your house looking for his room and when I found it, I placed him inside his crib. He loves cars doesn't he. Do you wa—"

"I'm sorry." I whisper again and he rubs his temples.

"Sit. We need to talk." As soon as he sits, I spill the beans.

"Gosh. I wanted to tell you Ethan. I'm sorry. You have the right to hate me and take our child from me but please...." I tightly close my eyes to stop the tears from falling. I clench my arms in front of me and wait.

"Listen Sky. I had my doubts. Every time we met, your eyes held this guilty look in them. The day you spoke to me on the phone, and I heard a little voice respond, I suspected something. I thought you had a child with another man. I wanted you to tell me earlier today but you couldn't. I-I couldn't handle it so my detective snooped around and told me you did have a child. He really didn't say much but he wanted me to find out for myself. And here we are." He continues to run his hands through his hair.

"What now?" I ask and hold my breath. The fear and guilt eating at me.

"Can I spend more time with Xander? I want us to live together. Not at the suite but in my home. I'm still angry and hurt by your actions. But I have yet to show you something. We both made mistakes and we are slowly fixing them. I just want us to live as a family."

My eyes widen at his confession.

"Ethan. You can yell at me." I quickly stand up and rush to his side.

"Hit me. Do something!" I yell and reach for his hands.

"Sky...." I fall to my knees and he follows. He sits on his butt and pulls me between his legs. I kneel before him and wait. His hands slowly wrap around me. He grips the back of my neck in a rough manner but it doesn't hurt.

"Fuck Sky!" He screams but doesn't let me go.

"Let's take you to bed." He pulls me with him and I follow blindly. When we walk inside my room, he waits for me to sit on my bed.

"We can continue our conversation tomorrow. You might be thinking that I hate you for not telling me about my— our child but I don't. Just give me time to comprehend and get to know my son." He takes of his suit jacket and places it on the chair.

"I'm going to sleep in Xander's room."

Without waiting for my reply he walks out. I curl myself into a ball and pull the covers over me.

I try to force myself to sleep. But the tears continue to spill until my head is pounding and my eyes are burning. Just as I fall asleep, I hear someone walk inside my room.


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