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 Hi there, patient (or not-so-patient) reader. I understand you and a few other readers have been waiting for these requested stories to come out, and seeing this page here brings you mild discontent, however in this page I'd like to explain what's been going on since the day this book came into existence. No, I never forgot about this. In fact it's been quietly eating away at my thoughts since asking for your requests. The reasons I haven't been writing are as follows, and I'm only hoping you understand and aren't miffed at me for this...

  A) As a semi-functioning adult I've been out job hunting, and that puts a whole lotta stress on people (as I've unfortunately discovered). Now, just because one of these days I'll be working like crazy doesn't mean this stuff will be cancelled. Far from it, actually. I'm hoping this gives me some kind of "highschool fanfic daze" and I return to the passion of wordplay.

  2) My motivation to write is basically non-existant right now. It's really hard trying to get re-motivated to do things like this, but I'm really trying. The only things I have any motivation to engage in are the occasional sketches and art pieces, music, and Minecraft, so I'm really sorry if it seems like these books are never going to get done... They will, eventually. I have to study up on like the majority of selected characters to properly write about them, so that's gonna take a crap load of time, too. I want these to be as good as they should be, and not just mundane basic story dumps you see in most corners of the fanfiction internets.

 Now that that's been cleared up, I'm really truly sorry for the insanely long wait, everyone. I'm also sorry this wasn't the story you were hoping for, but I figured (as a kinder squishy of the human race) that I should inform you all of what's been happening so you don't get all bent outta shape over this..

 I just don't wanna piss anyone off, but if I already did then there aren't enough apologies in the world to repair the damage. Maybe one day soon the motivation will strike me again. that I think about it I might just shut down the self-indulgent Dating Comfort book in favor of a simp compendium/crush log for my top.. idk, 13 interests? We'll see, I don't wanna do anything hasty yet but I don't even touch that book anymore, so...

 TL;DR I got the big distract from Minecraft and have zero motivation to stick words on a page. Sorry for being useless I'll try harder when I'm not stressed to shit over every minor inconvenience.

Yours in all things Attention Deficit and Chaotic Neutral,

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