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Hi, you beautiful people. I hope you all are well and doing great. Not going into any lengthy topics, I'll dive straight to the point that I have already mentioned on my insta, forgot to upload here as well.

Two Titles exist for the time being which are completed, but not edited, :-1) TMAHLQ2) I Still Miss You

I Still Miss You.

> Stand-alone book
> University Life romance with a slighttt touch to the mafia world
> Humour/sarcasm/love/death/sadness/extreme love = all the possible ways to describe this book.
> Completed. Editing is left.
> A short book, shorter as compared to TMAHLQ.
> Would be released on Amazon in 2023.
> Reasonable Price, for both e-book and paperback


> After assembling all the chapters, adding a few parts and all, total parts to this series is 7. So, 7 parts make up TMAHLQ.
> Book I and II are already on Amazon, in both e-book form and paperback.
> Book III and the rest will all be released in 2023. No further books will be released this year. I would want to prepare the rest of the 5 parts together, perfect it, and release them together with a gap of one month in between, or 2, depends on how heavy the content was in the previous book, and then release the books, to prevent the reader from getting frustrated because of the heavy wait after the cliffhangers.
> I will try to keep the price reasonable, and will be changing the app I use for compiling my book, as Amazon is getting way too expensive for anyone's sane liking. If the price of the book on Amazon is 13 dollars, please keep in mind that Amazon charges 8-9 dollars for printing and keeps it with themselves. I DON'T GET THAT. The shipping charges are also, obviously, with Amazon.
> I will try making a website from where you can get my books directly from me, and I will try to keep the charges low, but for the time being, that seems a very long way tbrh. So, currently, Amazon is the only way.
> There will be more content in TMAHLQ, some light, some heavy, some funny, some sad, some extremely hilarious and some mafia type shit. So be ready for mafia wars, killings, massacres, kidnapping, losses of lives, celebrating lives, a funny and cute banter between Ashton and literally the whole of the family whether it be Massimo, Sophia, Alessia, Everleigh, Evaline, Aurelius, Emma or whoever. Get ready for all the amazing content which will definitely keep you hooked up.

If you have any more questions about any book, whether it be, "I STILL MISS YOU." or "TMAHLQ." or any other upcoming books of mine? Ask away.

Second set of news:-

I will be sending out a newsletter tomorrow, which is completely FREE for you guys to read, Just give your email to my newsletter and BAM! You'll get a free steamy scene of Ashton and Sophia as a thank you reward for signing up and tomorrow, I will be releasing a very important email. It also contains a lengthy excerpt from TMAHLQ PART III, between Ashton and Sophia.

If any of you are struggling, are just lost and have absolutely no idea how to cope up with stress, with loss or anything, if you find yourself in a state where you are questioning your worth and the reason your life is getting tough with no responses? That excerpt is also for you. Doesn't matter if you are from a medical background or not, it applies to all.

The free excerpt is in Ashton's pov, and I believe, it might help you a lot if you have no one to understand your pain, to support you and be there for you. It will be sent out on September 17, 2022, 4pm EDT time, which would be 1am according to Pakistan time. You can check for yours accordingly. I'll attach the link here, but other than that? Love you to the moon and back!

If you have any questions, ask away.

Also, I hope that whoever is reading the other stand-alone book is enjoying it :)



My insta: anachaudhry123

Insta: A.ZchaudhryBooks

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