*-No Touching-*

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3rd Person POV
Sun woke up with Moon in his arms. He rubbed his eyes, yawning. He looked down at Moon, who had still been sleeping, as usual. He smiled and kissed him on the forehead. He gently set Moon aside then sat up.

He checked the time. It was about 5:10. He remembered that they had to work today. He glanced over at Moon then shook his shoulder.

Moon groaned then slowly opened his eyes. Before Sun could say anything, he was pulled down by Moon, startling him. He blinked. "Moony. We have to work today." Sun said, trying to take Moon's arms off of his waist.

He sighed. He wrapped his arms around Moon then picked him up, carrying him out of bed. Moon squirmed around, trying to get out of Sun's arms. He ended up falling on his back.

Sun looked down at him with an worried expression. He tried to hold back the urge to giggle. He kneeled down.

"You okay?" He said, smiling. Moon seemed embarrassed. He rolled onto his side, avoiding eye contact. Sun found this adorable. He leaned down and kissed Moon on the cheek.

Moon glanced over at him. He then stood up and picked him up. He attached his wire to his back and flew down, landing on the floor and setting Sun down on his lap. Sun smiled and gave him a kiss on the forehead, resting into his arms and waiting.

After a few minutes, Sun checked the time, realizing it was 5:59. He stood up. Immediately, children bursted through the daycare doors. Sun glanced at Moon then walked away to greet them.

Time skip
It was the end of the day. Everyone had just gotten picked up. Sun waved one last time before shutting the doors. He turned around and skipped away, softly humming. Once he slid down to the ballpit, he crawled out of it and began to clean up.

He walked over to the kiddy table. He glanced around for Moon. Lucky for him, he wasn't anywhere in sight.

He grabbed an bottle of yellow glitter glue and practically chugged it down. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. He realized that the bottle was empty. He walked over to a nearby garbage can and threw it away. After that, he started to clean.

After an hour or so, he had finally finished. He placed his hands on his hips and smiled. He yawned then checked the time. It was 7, so it wasn't that late. He walked towards the rope ladder, climbing it to get up to the room. He walked inside, closing the curtain behind him.

He stretched, glancing around the dim room. He walked over to the bed, looking down to make sure Moon wasn't hiding under again. He scared the shit out of him before.

As he was about to lay down, he saw Moon come into the room in the corner of his eye. He turned around. He smiled and walked over to Moon, bringing him into a tight hug.

Moon hugged back. He picked Sun up then walked over to the bed. He laid Sun down, crawling ontop of him shortly after. He leaned down and kissed his neck.

Sun wrapped his arms and legs around him. Moon trailed kisses down his chest, stopping at his waistline. He gripped onto the rim of Sun's pants with two fingers. He tugged on them and looked up at him.

Sun thought for a moment. He gave a small nod as in yes. With that, Moon slid his silk pants down.

He gave him a kiss on the lips then began to take off his own. He grabbed Sun's legs, throwing them over his shoulders. Just as he was about to position himself, Sun stopped him. "Moon, can we try something different?" Moon stared down at him, confused but curious. He took his legs off of his shoulders, setting them down and crawling ontop of him.

"And what is that, starlight?" He asked, raising an eyebrow.

Sun grabbed him and flipped him over, Moon laying on his back and Sun now being the one ontop of him. He untied the red ribbon off of his wrists then grabbed Moon's wrists, tying his hands together. He pinned his arms behind him.

Moon hummed lowly. This was different. Sun then positioned his hole to Moon's cock, placing his hands on his chest. He slowly inserted the tip inside of him. "Mmh. ." He moaned under his breath.

Moon watched. He was already getting impatient. All though, he couldn't do anything since Sun had tied up his wrists. This felt like torture, not being able to touch Sun as he pleased.

After some time, Sun was able to fit at least half of it inside of himself. He liked this, being the one in control. He started to move up and down at a slow pace. He gripped onto the sheets for support. He bit his lip and gave a small, high pitched moan. This went on for awhile.

He glanced down at Moon. He decided to pick up the pace a bit.

Moon groaned softly. Sun threw his head back a bit. Sun moved himself upwards, taking his dick out of him. Moon seemed a bit frustrated at this. He was desperate to cum inside of him. Sun took a moment to breathe then inserted half of Moon's cock into him once again, moving a bit more faster than before. Moon struggled against the ribbon, trying to break free.

Eventually, it came lose. He wasn't sure if he snapped it or not but he couldn't think about that right now. He grabbed Sun by the waist, slamming his full size into him.

"HAH! MoONY!~" Sun moaned loudly in pain but pleasure. He gripped onto Moon's arms tightly. Moon grinned, groaning.

Sun's back arched. The atmosphere in the room was getting hotter. Moon felt Sun's tight walls close up around him. It only took a few more thrusts until he finally released inside of him. "Oh fuckk. ." He bit his lip and threw his head back due to the pleasure.

Sun released onto Moon's chest. He panted heavily, his whole body nearly going limp. Moon pulled out of Sun, lifting him up. He sat up and set him down on his lap.

They both took a few seconds to catch their breath, then went in for a kiss. Sun placed his hand on Moon's cheek, caressing him with his thumb. Moon placed his hand ontop of his. This went on for awhile until eventually, Moon pulled out. He laid down, wrapping his arms around Sun.

Sun cuddled up to him, wrapping his arms and legs around him. Soon, they both fell asleep in each others arms.

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