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"And also our school will be blown up"

Nam-ra's words make me freeze.

"So those fucking soldiers are gonna shoot missiles at us?" Wu-jin asks, leaning closer to Nam-ra.

Oh no.

This is bad.

Really bad.

Dae-su abruptly turned to Nam-ra too.

"When is it going to happen?" He questions her, with wide eyes.

I look back at Nam-ra too, her eyes meeting mine.

Then she looks to the ground.

"I can't really tell. They're just saying to evacuate right now."

"Shit. Where do they expect us to go, huh?" Mi-jin says through gritted teeth.

I nervously run my hand through my messy hair, overwhelmed by the sudden announcement.

"Fuck. What are we going to do?" I mumble, fiddling with my fingers.

"So they're gonna bomb this whole place, huh?" Dae-su asks.

I look over to On-jo and watch her expression change to fear.

I shift my weight from one foot to the other nervously as I look over the edge of the scaffolding.

Feeling my breath start to quicken in panic, I rake my hand through my hair once again.


What do we do?

We can't have come this far just to die in some explosion.

As I turn back to the others, I jump a bit, seeing Su-hyeok now standing behind me.

As I look up at him, worry in my eyes, he grips my shoulders firmly.

"Calm down Y/n. It won't be any good to panic now, even though we have every reason too."

I sigh, not giving him an answer.

I know he's right, but I can't just stop worrying.

I mean, we could be dead in a few minutes already.

He sighs too before I feel myself getting pulled close to him.

As he wraps his arms around my waist, I place mine on his back, laying my head down on his chest.

This made me feel a bit safer and as I try to hold him even closer, he lays his head on top of mine.

"Whatever happens, we'll stick together, right?" He asks me.

"Please, don't leave me again" He whispers afterwards.

"Okay" I tell him quietly.

We let go of each other when we hear Hyo-ryeong's anxious voice.

"Won't we all die if we just stay here?"

I look down at my feet, knowing the answer to her question.

Suddenly, I feel something warm grasping my hand.

My eyes shoot up to Su-hyeok as he takes my hand into his, interlacing our fingers.

It made me feel better, and I give him a weak smile.

"Do they say where to flee to?" On-jo asks Nam-ra.

My eyes go to Nam-ra again.

She scoffs, probably fed up by the words the soldiers or whoever it was, were announcing, before turning to On-jo.

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