*-Sneaking Out-*

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3rd person POV
It was a normal day at the daycare, Sun playing with the children as usual. It's about 4:30 right now, meaning that naptime was soon. While the children were busy playing Sun stood up and walked over to Moon, who had been sitting on the floor, further away from everyone.

He sat down next to him, catching Moon's attention. "Naptime is soon." Sun said with a smile. Moon nodded. "Mhm." Sun brought Moon into a hug.

Moon wasn't surprised. He hugged back, then sneaked a quick kiss on Sun's neck. Sun blushed a bit. He pulled out of the hug then stood up, walking away. Moon got up as well, walking towards the children to get them settled for naptime.

Time skip
Once naptime was finally over, Moon would wake up the children. They both led them to the daycare's pick up. It took a good 10 minutes until everyone had gotten picked up. Sun shut the doors then slid back down to the daycare. He crawled out of the ballpit and started to clean up. Moon followed behind, then started to clean as well.

An hour or so has gone by, and they had finally finished. The two sat down on the floor, a bit exhausted from the day.

Sun scooted closer to Moon, resting his head on his shoulder. Moon looked down at him then wrapped his arms around his waist, pulling him closer. He leaned down and kissed Sun on the lips. Sun kissed back, cupping Moon's face.

This went on for awhile until Sun pulled out, softly panting. He smiled and rested his head down on Moon's chest. Moon wrapped his arms around him, holding him close. A few minutes go by of cuddling, then Sun decided to speak. "Moony. .I'm bored."

Moon looked down at Sun and gently brushed his hand along his sunrays. "Oh? What do you want to do then starlight?" Sun shrugged in response.

Moon thought for a moment. "How about we go outside of the daycare?" Sun's eyes widened at the idea. He wish he could, but he can't. He didn't dare to. He hated getting in trouble, and security can be scary, especially Vanessa. Mainly because she would yell a lot.

Sun shook his head. "I can't." Moon slightly frowned. He pulled Sun closer, looking down at him.

"Yes you can. I'll make sure we don't get spotted. It'll be fun.." He said, holding the 'n'. Sun thought about it for a moment.

'I guess it wouldn't hurt..' He thought, looking off to the side. He looked back up at Moon and smiled. "Ok!" Moon smiled as well then stood up, picking up Sun. He connected the wire to his back then tugged on it, making him fly up. He flew towards the exit, Sun holding onto him tightly the whole way.

Once they had gotten out, Sun's eyes widened at the sight. He looked around, mouth slightly opened. Moon looked down at him and snickered. There was a few staff bots in the distance, but they couldn't spot them.

"So, where do you want to go first starlight?" Moon said, making Sun snap out of his trance. Sun glanced at a gift shop, that had been named 'Lucky Stars.' He looked at Moon and pointed at it. Moon nodded then flew towards the gift shop.

He landed infront of it, setting Sun down. Sun immediately ran inside, startling Moon a bit. He followed behind. Sun stared at the statue of them in fascination. He looked to the side, a bunch of plushies caught his eye.

He walked towards it then picked a plush of him up, fiddling with it. He set the plushie down back to where it was then turned around, seeing Moon behind him, a soft smile on his face. "What else is there?" Sun said, tilting his head to the side a bit.

"Well, there's Bonnie bowling, Roxy raceway, Gator golf. ." Moon said, looking off to the side. "Oh! Can we go to Gator golf?" Sun practically yelled out of excitement. Moon's eyes widened.

"Your excitement is adorable sweetheart, but you're gonna have to keep it down a bit." Moon said in a gentle tone. Sun nodded, looking down in embarrassment. Moon smiled then proceeded to pick him up. He began to fly out of the gift shop, heading towards the elevators.

Once they got there, Moon flew down so they could get inside. He walked inside of the elevator, still carrying Sun. He pushed a button, leading to Gator Golf. The elevator doors shut, then faint music began to play.

Sun looked at Moon then placed a kiss on his cheek. Moon smiled then kissed Sun on the lips. Sun kissed back, wrapping his arms around his neck.

After a few minutes, the elevator had stopped, making both of them break the kiss. Moon walked out, then set Sun down. Sun grabbed Moon's hand then walked with him. Sun and Moon were in the middle of their first round. Moon went first, hitting the golf ball inside the hole first try.

Sun clapped. After that, it was now his turn. He lifted up the club then hit the ball, missing the hole from a long distance. Sun dropped the club on the floor. He crossed his arms in frustration.

Moon laughed a bit then walked closer to Sun. He picked up the club. He stood behind Sun and  grabbed his wrists, placing his hands back onto the handle of the club. Moon placed both his hands ontop of Sun's, helping him swing. Once Sun swung, with the help of Moon of course, he got it in.

Sun smiled. "Thank you Moony!" He kissed Moon's cheek.

The two played for a good hour. Sun yawned, rubbing the corner of his eye with his fist. Moon looked over at him. "Tired? Do you wanna go back to the daycare, starlight?" Moon said, wrapping his arms around Sun. Sun looked up at him with sleepy eyes and nodded.

Moon then picked Sun up bridal style. He walked back to the elevators, leaving Gator Golf and heading back to the daycare.

Once the elevator opened, he walked outside quietly. He noticed some Staff bots pretty close by, somehow, they didn't spot them. He continued walking, speeding up a bit. He reached the entrance of the daycare. He let out a sigh of relief. He opened the doors and walked inside.

Instead of sliding down, he summoned his wire, attaching it to his back and flying down. On his way up to their room, he looked down and realized that Sun had fallen asleep in his arms. He smiled and kissed him on the forehead. Sun squirmed a bit, still asleep.

Once Moon landed on the balcony, he gently pushed the curtain aside and walked into their room. He laid Sun down on the bed, covering him with the blanket. He walked around it and crawled into the bed aswell, wrapping his arms around Sun.

"I love you, Sunny. ." He whispered before closing his eyes and drifting off to sleep.

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