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* your face turned a bright shade of red and you flashed him a smile*
Y/n: sure
* he grabbed your waist with both hands and you placed your hands around his neck, you both swayed to the music taking in each other, it was a romantic slow dance, it was fun allowing yourself to sway to the music. It was like something out of a romantic fairy tail. Eddie leaned down and kissed you, he then continued the kisses down your neck giving you hickeys.
Y/n: no! Not right know!
Eddie: why~
Y/n: I want to continue dancing!
Eddie: fine..
*You both kept on swaying and spinning until the song ended. When the song ended you could hear loud pounds on the door, you suspected were your parents*
Y/n: shit- Eddie hide!
Eddie: where!?
Y/n: under my bed, quick!
* you turned off the radio and straightened yourself up in the mirror, you moved around your shirt hiding the hickeys Eddie gave you earlier, Meanwhile Eddie crawled under your bed. You opened the door and gave your parents a fake smile*
Y/n: hey mom.. dad.
Mom: let us in
Y/n: okay
* you stepped away from the door and sat on the bed, your dad closed the door and joined your mom sitting across from you on a mini sofa*
Y/n: so?
Dad: what the hell were you thinking!? * your dad said his voice cracking*
Y/n: I just wanted to get out for a day or two
Mom: you left nothing! Your brother had no idea where you were!
Y/n: and I apologized
Mom: what about your boyfriend?
Y/n: Eddie??
Dad: yeah, I was wondering as well. Did he come with you
Y/n: yeah..
Mom: damnit y/n! I told you no boyfriends!
Y/n: I'm 17 mom! Steve got his first girlfriend in 8th grade!! * you said screaming*
Dad: sweetie, it's different
Y/n: different how
Dad: because-
Y/n: wait... it's because I'm a girl right!? And every man out there is a predator?
Dad: No!
Y/n: just admit it!
Mom: we want to protect you, y/n
Y/n: and all the sudden you decide to play the role of a good mother!?
Mom: y/n!
Y/n: you were abusing me like what- a week or two ago!
Dad: she's changed, she realized-
Y/n: no! She realized if she continued she would lose Steve, Aren't I right mom?
Mom: y/n, truth to be told I regret it! I've been dealing with a lot and I took out all my stress on you and.. I'm sorry.
Y/n: Okay, I don't forgive you..
Mom: sweetie
Y/n: don't call me that.. if you want me to consider you my mother then earn it!
* she had tears in her eyes, Anna looked down and saw Eddie's jacket poking out from under the bed*
Mom: do you have someone over?
Y/n: uh- no why?
Mom: there's a jacket, that's not yours right
Y/n: it's mine!
Dad: no, it's not
Y/n: Steve got it for me
Dad: oh, how sweetie of him!
* just as you thought it was better Eddie sneezed*
Mom: that's it! Come out!!
Y/n: w-wait mom!
Mom: I swear to god y/n, if you don't get whoever that is out from under your bed I'll ground you for even longer!
* you took a deep breath and said*
Y/n: come out..
* Eddie slowly crawled out from under your bed and sat on it*
Eddie: hi again..
Mom: I knew it!
Y/n: mom, it's fine
Dad: what were you two up too?
Y/n: we were just talking
Dad: talking?
Y/n: yes!?
Mom then why was there slow, romantic music playing
Eddie: ok fine, we were dancing, is she not aloud to dance or?
* Anna gave Eddie a mean stare*
Dad: wait. Sweetie
Y/n: what!?
* he walked up to you and shuffled your shirt around so that the hickeys were visible*
Dad: he gave you hickeys!
Y/n: we're going to be intimate dad! We're dating!!
Eddie: y/n
Y/n: what..
Eddie: come here
* you walked in front in him, Eddie took your hands in his and said*
Eddie: it's fine, let's just leave. We can go to my place
Mom: no! She is staying right here until we're done!
Eddie: if it's not clear already she's clearly angry and uncomfortable with this situation, so I am taking her with me to cool her down, can I do that? * he said his voice giving away his annoyance*
Mom: you do not speak to me like that!
* before she could finish her lecture Eddie dragged you out of the room and down to Steve's room*
Eddie: I'm taking her to my place
Steve: alright, is she staying over?
Eddie: yeah
Steve: okay, hey y/n?
Y/n: yeah
Steve: remember it's a school night, don't stay up to late
Y/n: I won't, thanks Steve
Steve: yep, bye birdbrain
Y/n: bye no bitches!
* as Steve's smile turned into a frown Eddie pulled you out of the room and outside into his van*
Eddie: you have a very weird relationship with your brother
Y/n: I know, trust me
* he started the car and headed toward his house*

( at Eddie's trailer)

* you both walked inside to see Wayne sleeping on the couch, you laughed a little and walked into Eddie's room, you fell onto the bed and started eating the leftover chocolate from the last time you were there*
Eddie: that's probably not good for you..
Y/n: who gives a shit it tastes good
Eddie: love
Y/n: don't lecture me! I've had enough of those already
Eddie: aren't you grounded?
Y/n: and yet Steve still let me go, what a surprise * you said stuffing your face with chocolate*
* Eddie sat next to you and placed his head on your thigh*
Eddie: we have school tomorrow
Y/n: it's stupid right!?
Eddie: I miss that small town!
Y/n: I know.. but we had to return eventually, it was for the best
Eddie: yeah, are you tired?
Y/n: kinda, not really
* you looked around Eddie's room and saw a bookshelf in the corner*
Y/n: what if I read you to sleep?
Eddie: alright
* you grabbed a book and laid back down on the bed, Eddie's head was on your chest, his hands around your waist, you began reading the book, it was a mystery/horror. You got 4 chapters in before Eddie fell asleep, you closed the book and placed a small kiss to his forehead, you fell asleep after*

( in the morning)

* you woke up, Eddie was still asleep beside you. You crawled out of his grasp and into the kitchen, Wayne was making coffee*
Wayne: want some?
Y/n: sure, thank you
Wayne: of course.. how is he?
Y/n: he's good, every since the trip he's been in a better mood I guess.
Wayne: he probably wanted away from it all
Y/n: yeah..
* you grabbed a cup of coffee and sat down on the couch*
Wayne: ready for school kiddo?
Y/n: yep.. I almost forgot... school..

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