Cole (50.1)

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While relaxing on a daybed by the floating pool and gazing out at the beach from afar, I could see why this resort's two-story tree house villa is popular. It's not as large as the two-bedroom villa from which we came, but the view from up here is unrivaled.

Sa lower floor pa lang kami. Haven't been to the top floor yet. Orianna is still currently busy inspecting every nook and cranny of the expansive living area. Hindi ko naman puwedeng iwan siya rito. In the mood she's in, she'll get it into her pretty little head that it's a great idea to park herself here for the week Mommy booked us this place. Patay akong bata nito kapag nagkataon.

I could hear the little woman behing me puttering around. Ang liit na babae, but she stomps around like a baby Dumbo sans the big ears and long nose. Still adorable.

"Baby," malakas kong tawag na hindi lumilingon o gumagalaw mula sa kampante kong pagkakahiga.

The answer was long in coming that I sat up ang glanced back to see if she heard me. She was standing by the door, chewing on her lower lip, tapping her fingers on the door's wooden panel, and staring back at me.

"Akyat na tayo?" tanong ko. "Let's go up and watch the sunset. I've heard the view from up there is even better."

Parang binigyan ko siya ng calculus problem sa lalim nang pagkakakunot-noo niya.


She wrinkled her little upturned nose and sighed deeply. "What's wrong with watching it from here?" Ang contrary na naman ng tono nang pananalita niya. Nagsusuplada na naman. Tinuro niya ang tanawin sa likuran ko. "From here, the view is also unobstructed."

I couldn't help but smile. Orianna is being defensive. My little pet, as Tita Leine calls her her, is nervous, and she's doing everything she can to avoid going up to the master bedroom. I wonder why. My smile turned into a wicked grin, which made her bite her lower lip even harder.

Tumayo ako at lumapit sa kanya. We were so close to each other that she had to crane her neck back to look at me. I gently tilted her head back while holding her face in my hands. My right thumb traced the lip she was nibbling on with her tiny teeth.

"Stop that. You'll make it bleed."

I leaned down and licked the entire length of her vulnerable lip. Once. Twice. Before I suckled on them. When I let her go and straightened up, she looked dazed. She even swayed as if faint, my hands on her face holding her in place.

"There might not be a difference between the views," I continued, casually tracing the softness of her lip. "But don't you want to make sure the bellboy treated your shoes well and brought them safely upstairs?"

"Didn't you check?" dismayado niyang tanong.

She shooed my hands off her face and took another step back. She took deep cleansing breath to, maybe, clear her mind. Good. It's right about time that my proximity muddles her mind, too. Ang daya naman kung palaging ako lang ang nalalango sa existence niya sa mundo.

"I did, of course. Pero ano ba ang alam ko sa mga sapatos mo? Itinatabi ko lang naman sila palagi when you leave them lying around. A hazard to you and the society at large."

Ingos at irap ang naging premyo ko sa pagpapaalala sa kanyang kinakalat niya ang mga damit niya kung nasa kuwarto ko siya nagpapalipas ng oras. Organisado naman ang kuwartong ginagamit niya sa bahay ng mga magulang. The same can be said for her dorm room when I last checked it during open house.

Matamis ko lang siyang nginitian at maingat na inalis ang mga daliri niyang bumibilis na ang pagtipa sa pinto. Her anxiety is ramping up and I couldn't have that. I kissed the tips of her fingers gently, one-by-one in the hopes of calming her down.

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