Drug deal 🖤

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* Eddie soon stumbled into the kitchen and sat down next to you, wrapping his arms around you*
Eddie: I'm so tired.. * he said his voice muffled into your sleeve*
Y/n: how are you tired, you got 9 hours of sleep
Eddie: i don't know...
Wayne: you want some coffee?
Eddie: yes, please
* Wayne soon walked over and handed Eddie a cup of coffee*
Eddie: thanks
* he nodded his head and walked away*
Y/n: ready for school..
Eddie: No
Y/n: I kind of missed it
Eddie: how could you say that?
Y/n: I miss Dustin, Mike and Chrissy
Eddie: speaking of.. she called me, she wants some drugs
Y/n: wait... really!?
Eddie: hmm
Y/n: no! She wouldn't, you don't understand she's not like that!
Eddie: babe.. she uh... shes's been seeing Vecna again.
* your heart dropped*
Y/n: shit! No.. no no.. damnit! * you screamed throwing a glass cup across the room hitting the wall, shattering it*
* Eddie quickly got up from the couch and hugged you*
Eddie: calm down, a little weed might help her calm down
Y/n: b-but!
Eddie: y/n, at least let her try.. she seemed shaken, desperate..
Y/n: why did she call you and not me.
Eddie: maybe she tried, we were out in the middle of no where.. a walkie wouldn't be able to reach us
Y/n: that's true
Eddie: talk to her, see what's happening
Y/n: okay, thanks
Eddie: of course, go get ready for school, I'll clean up the glass
Y/n: thank you
Eddie: yep
* you gave Eddie a quick kiss and walked away into his bedroom, you felt a little lazy today so you searched through Eddie's closet finding a band-t and some ripped jeans, you threw them on and put on some light makeup. You walked out to see Wayne's car gone and the glass pieces gone*
Eddie: ready to go? * he said suddenly appearing in front of you*
Y/n: yeah..
* you and Eddie walked out of his trailer and into his van, heading toward Hawkins high*

( at school)

Y/n: todays the prep rally, right?
Eddie: yep, Hawkins tigers~
Y/n: I could never * you said laughing *
Eddie: Chrissy's a cheerleader right?
Y/n: yeah?
Eddie: do you wanna come to the deal?
Y/n: your inviting me, Y/n Harrington to a drug deal??
Eddie: of course, your my girlfriend right???
Y/n: yeah
Eddie: then it's decided!
Y/n: ok fine!
* you and Eddie walked into school, the halls were crowed with sweaty boys and bubblegum blowing popular girls, you walked past them and into the gym*
Y/n: let's take a seat over there * you said pointing over to Mike, Dustin, and Max*
Eddie: sure
* you and Eddie held hands and walked over to them and sat down*
Max: y/n? What the hell!?
Y/n: hey..
Max: there were cops and Steve and-
Y/n: I'll explain everything later, I promise..
Max: okay, I'm just happy your safe
Y/n: yeah, me to
* the game went well although the tigers lost, you were in the woods with Eddie at the moment waiting for Chrissy, you and Eddie saw Chrissy and walked behind*
Eddie: hey, you okay?
* Chrissy turned around and immediately hugged you*
Chrissy: h-he's back! Y/n..
Y/n: I know, it's okay we can figure this out
Chrissy: are you mad..
Y/n: why would I be mad?
Chrissy: the drugs
Y/n: I mean- I was a little upset and surprised, but it's fully your choice and it's not my business to tell you other wise
Chrissy: thank you, I just feel like it could help me
Y/n: of course
* You, Eddie, and Chrissy all sat down at the picnic table*
Chrissy: so how does this work?
Eddie: oh, just like any other sale but no refunds and for obvious reasons, no receipts
Chrissy: okay
* she heard a squirrel run up a tree and immediately turned her head*
Eddie: hey, we don't have to do this..
Chrissy: no, it's okay.
Eddie: ok..
* you zoned out for a while staring at the ground, eventually coming back to reality by Chrissy saying*
Chrissy: do you maybe, have anything stronger?
* you sighed and put your head in your arms*
Eddie: yeah, but not with me.. at my trailer
Chrissy: could we?
Eddie: y/n?
Y/n: oh um- yeah of course

( At Eddie's trailer)

Eddie: sorry, it's a bit of a mess
Chrissy: it's okay
Y/n: hey Eddie?
Eddie: yeah?
Y/n: do you want me to help you check your room??
Eddie: sure, that would help a lot, thanks babe
* you and Eddie searched around his room for the special-K, Eddie found it after a while*
Eddie: gotcha
* we both got up from the floor and walked into the living room*
Eddie: peaceful bliss just moments away..
* there in the center of the room, Chrissy was standing with her eyes white*
Y/n: No.. No shit, Chrissy!
Eddie: hey! Chrissy! Wake up!
* you ran over to her and began shaking her arms*
Y/n: damnit Chrissy!!
* tears began slowly pouring out of your eyes, because you realized you don't have Chrissy's favorite song with you*
Eddie: Chrissy wake up! Chrissy!!
Y/n: we don't have her favorite song Eddie!
Eddie: shit! Shit!
* with one more tear Chrissy's life less body slowly lifted into the air*

A/n: oooh Chrissy might die after all! Kinda short chapter cause I made a long one last time, thanks for reading, love you all!

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