bonds are a strong thing

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Regardless of how long I spend with her, I slowly start to feel bad for her. Like someone who has had pain follow them throughout their lives, unable to escape its cold, uncaring grasp.

That was one of the thoughts I had as she was sobbing into my shoulder, gently dampening it with her tears. The meat also ended up landing on my lips, but regardless tasted charred ever so slightly.

It took a fair amount of unknown time for her to get off me, by that point my eyes were half lidded. She took her now ruined mask off and settled it onto the floor and went to my bonds.

My hopes quickly picked up, hoping she was going to untie me. this is too good to be true, right? My hopes were almost shattered as she tugged at a few parts of the rope, as if testing their strength. She then pulled a piece of the rope and my hand lazily drooped down, as quickly as it happened she reached over the next one.

My face suddenly felt 10 times hotter as her boobs gently pushed onto my face. Then my other hand came free and as quickly as it happened, she was off again. Then in a broken and almost strained English voice came out of her


Her accent sounded like a mix of English and American, but with a strong backing of Russian.  She offered me freedom but also, a freedom to stay? Why should I stay? She kept me captive from those I knew, but at the same time she freed me from the cold steel of the hook, at least going by the scar on my shoulder. I decided to get up and make my way to the open door, thinking that the option to walk free would be the best. However as I neared the doorframe I decided to look back, one last look at the woman who kept me safe and protected and my mind was made up for good.

Anna pov

There She goes. I thought, the one I thought I could keep and look after. Now making her way to the door, like so many before her tried to do. I felt my head lose the strength it had to hold itself up. And if I hadn't cried earlier I would've done so here. Regardless of that, I felt my eyes try to tear up.

Then as I was about to get up to begrudgingly pick up the fur, a new weight had found itself around my chest and stomach. I look down and suddenly my heart feels like it's reaching that of a rabbit. My little милашка is wrapped around me in a tight embrace. It's a strange feeling that I vaguely remember when I was younger, but it's one that I welcome with open arms.

There we have it folks, another chapter after what feels like a year. Maybe it was I can't remember, but yes TTB is being continued regardless what exams and mocks that I'll be forced to face.

Hope you enjoy it and any other questions be sure to ask away

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