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───── ⋆♡⋆ ────

Jiwoo squealed and laughed as Sunghoon pushed her forward in the wheelchair. The fresh air from outside gave a wonderful feeling. Breathing. They finally felt like they were breathing again.

Sunghoon smiled by just looking at Jiwoo, who had her hands in the air because she finally knew she was outside. The wind blew through her hair and she was finally happy.

She didn't care how people looked at her, talked about her. All she really cares about is him. Sunghoon.

"Sunghoon," Jiwoo said as she looked back over her shoulder at him.

Sunghoon nodded and hummed as his head dropped down to look her in the eye.

"Let's do something enjoyable tonight! For example watching a movie in the cinema!"

"Isn't it a little too soon for that?" Sunghoon said worriedly. "You just got out of the hospital and you can't walk properly yet. Shouldn't you recover a little better first until-"

"I feel fine!" Jiwoo smiled. "Really."

There was a brief silence for a moment. Sunghoon sighed. "Let's go to your house first to surprise Jungwon and take some rest."

Jiwoo nodded enthusiastically. "Do that! I'm curious to see his reaction too," She giggled.


Ding Dong....

Jiwoo and Sunghoon stood at the door of her house, waiting for Jungwon to open it. The girl was incredibly nervous, hoping her brother would be happy that she was back home.

She could sleep there again, eat, keep him company, see family again. Home.

A creaking noise sounded out of nowhere. Sunghoon straightened his back and grabbed the handles of the wheelchair, that if the door did open that he could push Jiwoo inside.

Indeed, the door did open.

"Jungwon!" Jiwoo squealed happily.

Jungwon, who appeared behind the door, widened his eyes as he looked at the sight before him. "No way..." He said and rubbed his eyes. He barely knew what he was facing now. "You're not at the hospital anymore?"

"She has been released," Sunghoon took the words from Jiwoo's mouth, to which she giggled.

A small spark through the reflection of the sun could be seen in the bigger brother's eyes. He scoffed. "I can't believe it, is this real?!" He said in disbelief.

Jiwoo opened her mouth to answer, but before she could do so, Jungwon bent down, dropped to his knees and gave Jiwoo a big hug, who was, after all, still sitting quietly in the wheelchair. She wrapped her arms around his body.

Jungwon pulled back and cupped his hand in front of his mouth. "I still can't believe it," he said as he looked up at Sunghoon. "So this means she can sleep here at home again? That I can cook meals for her again? That I can take care of her again?"

Sunghoon nodded. "Yes, all that can be done again."

The brother sighed in joy and relief. His heart made a small leap of happiness. A wide smile with his teeth bared was on his face, which made the other two people happy.

Even though she is in a wheelchair, all 3 of them are happy.

And that's what it's all about.

"Hurry up and come in!" Jungwon said and took a step to the side, so that the hallway was empty for the wheelchair to come in. "You guys might catch a cold if you stand here like this."


"How does it taste? I tried my best to make it as tasty as possible for you," Jungwon asked his little sister, who was busy eating his homemade food for her, himself and Sunghoon.

Jiwoo hummed. "It's great!" She said cheerfully and turned her head toward her boyfriend. "Right Sunghoon?"

Sunghoon nodded up and down with his mouth full. "It's fucking delicious." He munched.

The brother and sister laughed at Sunghoon, which made him laugh himself.

Jiwoo sighed. "Remember when we used to hate each other?"

Sunghoon looked at Jiwoo horrified. "Don't bring up those old memories..."

Jungwon giggled. "So you guys were enemies to lovers? Who fell in love first?"

The couple's mouths fell wide open. Jungwon chuckled. "Just kidding!"

"I was in love with him before Sunghoon knew me," Jiwoo decided to answer her brother's question anyway. "Someone pushed me down the stairs at school causing me to fall right on him. That's when we first talked, but a little later I started hating him so much-"

"I knew you since you came into school," Sunghoon interrupted Jiwoo. "I've been in love with you all along."

Jungwon choked on his food. "Teenage love."

"We're adults!" Jiwoo shouted.


"Okay sorry," Jungwon apologized. "Sunghoon, continue."

Sunghoon rolled his eyes. "What I meant is that I was always too afraid to talk to you or make eye contact with you at all. I couldn't do anything else, either, because Jay and I had an appointment. When you fell down those stairs, I looked you in the eye for the first time and was finally able to talk to you. I thought I could be with you more often if I let you do stupid things for me. It worked. And look at us now. We're together!"

Jiwoo fell silent and looked Sunghoon in the eyes. "What I mean is..." Sunghoon continued. "I've never loved anyone as much as I love you."


Suddenly, Jiwoo felt soft lips against hers. Her eyes widened. She quickly looked to the side and saw Jungwon there almost vomiting.

He has hated love since he was little.

Jiwoo closed her eyes and enjoyed the moment. She smiled between kisses as she heard Jungwon gag.

Sunghoon ran his hand through her hair and with his other hand he gently held her chin.

After a few good seconds, which took almost a minute, Sunghoon pulled back. "I love you, my wheelchair girl."

"I love you too."

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