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Sunghoon dug into the inside pocket of his coat and pulled out a box. Jiwoo's eyes widened as Sunghoon got down on one knee. In a nice, smooth motion, the boy opened the box, which showed a ring.

A glistening ring in the sun.

"Jiwoo," Sunghoon said. "Will you marry me?"

That was THE moment. The moment they could finally call each other engaged. The moment they would soon marry each other, put on a ring and be together forever.

On the shores of his favorite beach, his favorite place and now hers too.

It was several weeks later. Sunghoon and Jiwoo decided to buy an apartment together. Jungwon continued to live in their parents' house and every week Sunghoon visited his grandmother several times. Everyone was happy for the two, until the news arrived to Jay, Sunghoon's father and all their henchmen.

"Shit!" Mr. Park slammed his fist on the table in anger. "How! You'd killed her you said, Jay!"

Jay slowly turned his head toward Mr. Park, who was sitting at a table in the middle of a dark room above which hung a small, warm luminous light.

"Yeah, right," Jay said, emotionless. "I killed her. At least, Jake in any case. He died right in front of their eyes."

Mr. Park looked at Jay with fiery eyes. "I said Jiwoo, crazy asshole!"

"I killed her! I don't understand how she's still alive!" Jay shouted back. "And now she's going to marry him, too."

Sunghoon's father rolled his eyes. Suddenly the door creaked open. Both boys in the room turned their heads in that direction. It was Eunji.

Eunji who had disappeared for years....

"Are you okay? I heard screaming," Eunji asked, holding a folder full of important papers in her hand.

Jay walked up to Eunji and gave her a kiss on her cheek. "I'm fine," he said.

"Is the shouting about Sunghoon and Jiwoo?"

Mr. Park got up from his chair and walked toward the other two. "Do you have the papers I asked about?"

Eunji nodded and handed the folder to Mr. Park. He opened the folder and read a paper. "So they are getting married in exactly two months?"

"Right," The girl admitted.

"Eunji," Mr. Park began, "I want you to arrange for some people to be there on the day of the wedding to keep things safe for us. Jay, you're shooter. You're going to be on a tall building next to where they're getting married. You fire a bullet when they are at the moment to kiss the bride. Shoot Jiwoo. Dead. And this time for real..."

Jay nodded. "I will. This time I won't fail."

"I'll take care of it sir," Eunji said and walked out of the room.

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