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Moon is gonna fuck Sun pretty brutally in this one so prepare for that.

3rd person POV
Sun woke up in Moon's arms. His vision was a bit blurry so he rubbed his eyes. He turned his head slightly to look over at Moon, who had still been sleeping. "What time is it. . ?" He mumbled to himself. He checked the time.

It was about 4:30, and on a Monday, meaning that they had to work. Sun accidentally woken up earlier than he had to, but he couldn't go back to sleep now.

He tried to get out of Moon's arms, but failed miserably. The more he tried to move, the more tighter Moon's grip would get. Sun grumbled. After what felt like forever, he managed to squirm his way free.

He stood up and grabbed a pillow, placing it into Moon's arms.

He walked out of the room, closing the curtain behind him. He jumped down into the ballpit. He quickly crawled out and sat down somewhere, waiting for the children. He had at least 20 minutes before they would get there.

☀️Sun POV☀️
I rested my head on the palm of my hands, humming along to the daycare theme. I heard footsteps behind me, making me turn my head. I saw Moon, who had looked a bit tired still. "Morning, Moony." I greeted, smiling.

"A pillow doesn't feel as good, you know." He said, his voice sounding more raspier than usual.

He sat behind me and pulled me onto his lap. He wrapped his arms around my waist, resting his head on my shoulder. I held his cheek and kissed him on the forehead.

I checked the time once again. 4:59? I looked down at Moon. "Moon, the children should be here any minute." I said. He groaned, holding onto me tightly.

"Moon? Can you let me get up now?" He seemed to have ignored me. I rolled my eyes since Moon would do this way too much, and he would always win.

He kissed my neck, then trailed kisses down my spine. He slid his hand into my pants, making me jump. "Moon—No, not now!"

Before he could do anything else, the doors bursted open with loud children. Thank god. I took his hands off of me and scrambled to my feet, running over to the children.

Time skip
A few hours have gone by already. I was doing arts and crafts with the little ones! I looked around and didn't see Moon anywhere in sight. That made me think about this morning. I blushed thinking about what would've happened if the daycare didn't open just then.

A little girl tugged on my pants, making me snap back into reality. I smiled and leaned down. "Yes, little one?" She proudly held up a drawing. "I made this for you!" She handed it to me.

I looked at it. It was a drawing of me and Moon holding hands. I smiled at it. "It looks great!" I looked back down at the little one, who had a big smile on her face from my comment.

"May I hang it up?" I asked. She nodded, giggling. I walked over to the wall and hung it up with all the other drawings.

3rd person POV
It was about 5:00 now, meaning that it was in the middle of Naptime. Moon was sitting on top of one of the slides, watching the children from a far. He looked around and didn't see Sun anywhere. Usually, he would be sitting in a nearby corner.

He assumed he was up in their room so he stood up and tugged on his wire, making him fly towards their room. Once he got close enough, he landed on the balcony then walked inside.

He saw Sun sitting in the corner of the room, near a night light. He couldn't quite tell what he was doing. He walked closer to him and sat down behind him.

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