001. Girlhood

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Chapter One



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Barefeet ran through the sands, leaving footprints in their wake, as shrieks could be heard from the castle above. Three dark-haired children stood near the crashing waves. Jacaerys and Aemma stood close, trying to corner their younger brother Lucerys Velaryon. Aemma's dress swept against the sand, the perfectly made fabric ruined at the edges by the seawater and sand. Jace and Luke were luckier than she, wearing pants that allowed them to run more freely. 

"Come on Luke, you're finished," Aemma taunted, moving forward as Luke moved back. 

"This isn't fair. You're both so much taller than me," Luke complained, looking around frantically for an escape as his two siblings moved him further into the water. 

Aemma shrugged, glancing at Jace with a sly grin.

"That's war for you," Jace laughed, giving his sister a high-five, "Someone has to lose,"

The two siblings, in their boasting, hadn't noticed Luke begin to reach towards the sand. Picking up two handfuls of sand, he quickly threw them at his siblings before darting off towards the safety of the castle. 

Aemma recovered quicker than her older brother, spitting into the sand as she rubbed her eyes clear of tiny granules. 

"Quick, grab the traitor to the crown before he escapes!" Aemma yelled, grabbing Jace's hand and pulling him after her as he tried to wipe his face clean of sand. 

"Never!" Luke screamed, using all his might to push his little legs faster. 

Aemma and Jace were fast, the distance between them and Luke growing smaller and smaller as they continued their pursuit. They were getting closer and closer to the steps that led up to the castle. Each child knew their game would be brought to a swift end once they reached those steps, a thankful thing for Luke but a finish line Aemma and Jace didn't want their brother getting to. 

"We need backup!" Jace shouted, looking around to see who else was on the beach with them, "Helaena! Tackle him!"

Helaena, who had walked down to the beach with them to grow her collection of insects, seemed to take no mind of her niece and nephews as she ushered a spider onto her hand from the rock it was crawling on. 

"No, no, no!" Aemma cried, falling to her knees in dramatics as Luke jumped onto the first step triumphantly. 

"Princess! You'll ruin your dress," 

Aemma looked up the steps, seeing Ser Criston Cole and the Septa walking down towards them. Aemma huffed, taking her brother's hand to haul herself up before brushing down her dress.

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