25| Beluga

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"No princess! You're wearing panties!" Daddy said quickly and picked me up

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"No princess! You're wearing panties!" Daddy said quickly and picked me up. His panic made me panic and I instantly started crying. "It's okay baby."

My thighs were warm and wet now and panties stuck to me and I felt so uncomfy. I thought I was wearing diaper so I peed, but I wasn't wearing a diaper.

"Sh baby, it's okay." Daddy said and bounced me a little on his hip.

I got my pee on him.

That made me cry harder.

"Hey hey little girl, don't cry. It's okay. We're just going to clean you up."

"M- messy." I sniffled and pointed to his body.

"Oh that? That's fine princess." He said and waved it off. "How does a bath sound?" I shook my head no. "But my princess loves baths."

"I- I want bubbles." I said.

"Well you have to have bubbles."

"And my to- toys."

"It is very important that you have your duck and fishies."

"I want you in there with me." I mumbled, hoping he'd say yes. Me and daddy have never taken a bath together before, he's only kneeled on the outside and cleaned me.

"I can go in there with you honey."


"Really." He chuckled.

He carried me out of the living room and to his bedroom, right into the washroom. He set me down then crouched down and pulled down my panties. "I'm sorry daddy." I mumbled.

"It's okay princess, it was just an accident." Daddy said. "I'm going to turn on the tub, then I'm going to put these in the wash and clean up the ground, if the tub starts to get too high, just come out to daddy, okay?"

"Okay." I said. "Can I pick out a bath bomb?"

"Of course." He said and got the basket under the sink full of them.

He then turned on the tub and walked out of the room.

I sat down on the ground and began to look through the basket. I have multiple colours, but most of them are purple, I have different shades of purple, and some are in certain shapes. There's balls, squares, triangles, and there are unicorns and a tiara.

I think I want the purple tiara today.

Daddy came back into the room as I was picking at the package. He patted my head as he walked by to grab the bubbles, then put some in the water.

Once he turned off the tub, he turned back to me and crouched down. "You want the tiara today baby?" He asked and nodded yes.

He took the bath bomb from me and took off the wrapping, then handed it back to me. I smiled and shuffled to my knees, crawling forward to the tub and put it in, seeing the pretty thing dissolve.

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