002. A Dragon's Choice

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Greensmoke's most noticeable feature was his wings. They were emerald green in colour, with speckles of gold throughout, just like the rest of Greensmokes body. It wasn't the colour that caught people's attention. It was the length. Greensmoke had wings that, when furled around him, could completely wrap over him. And when they were outstretched, they took over the sky. Greensmoke's wings were fairly thin in width when compared to other dragons around him, but they stretched longer than all others apart from Vhagar. His body was slender, allowing the dragon to fly at incredible speeds. 

Watching Greensmoke soar through the sky was one of Aemma's most enjoyable pastimes. Due to his wings, he only had to flap his wings occasionally. A single flap of his wings would send Greensmoke soaring through the sky at great speeds, outracing all the dragons in the dragon pit. Not being fully grown, Aemma hoped Greensmoke would grow to become faster and faster. She imagined being able to take on Vhagar, Greensmoke's fast and nimble ways keeping them out of trouble until they could land a killing blow. 

That was years away, though. And there was no need for dragons to be fighting dragons. 

"Rȳbās, Greensmoke," Aemma instructed her dragon, noticing Greensmokes attention beginning to wander from her.

Greensmoke turned back to her, dutifully walking beside her as they exited the dragon pit and made their way outside. Greensmoke and Aemma had a silent agreement. At least twice a week, Aemma had to take him out and let him ride freely. In return, Greensmoke was always ready to fly Aemma wherever she wanted. One time she had tried to explain the agreement to her uncle Aegon, who laughed at her and said that it was all in her head. According to him, dragons couldn't understand people like that. But as Aemma glanced over at Greensmoke, who had an eager glint in his eyes, she disagreed. 

Two dragon keepers were waiting outside for her as Greensmoke began to clamber away from her and closer to the edge of the cliff. 

"Sōvēs, Greensmoke!" Aemma called, stumbling back slightly from the force of Greensmoke outstretching his wings and taking flight. She waved away the dragon keepers, "I'm alright; he just got excited,"

The dragon keepers nodded, disappearing back into the dragon pit. She watched them go. The dragon keepers had always creeped her out. 

She took a seat on a nearby rock and watched as Greensmoke circled happily around nearby. 

It had been about an hour, with Aemma lying on the grass with her eyes closed as Greensmoke continued to soar through the sky. With her eyes closed, her ears were sharper than ever, ensuring no one could sneak up on her. It was in that state, of constant vigilance, that she heard a stick snap behind her. Shooting up, she turned behind her to see who was coming. 

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