Fifty Nine

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"Perhaps one day we will meet again as characters in a different story, maybe we'll share a lifetime then."
~ pavana

Track 60; Other Side by MIYAVI

This was a double update. Make sure to read chapter 58 before this one!

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"You killed him."

Hawks can do nothing but wait as the rest of his feathers burn up across the expanse of his back. He isn't prepared for the next wave of flames that blows him through a door. He lands on a balcony with a railing separating him from the ground below. He rolls to the side, the pathway already crumbling in his path of direction.


It splinters underneath him, erasing the lack of oxygen he already had in his lungs. He slaps at the fire on him, the temperature continues to rise. He doesn't make it far before Dabi's heel slams into his rib cage.

"How dare you kill Twice like that!"

Hawks looks up, finding a monster looming above him.

Dabi's seams are splitting, blood streaming and collecting at the point of his chin before slipping down his neck and towards his collarbones. Steam erupts from the corners of his mouth and his eyes.

"Is that..." Keigo coughs. "The face of a man who just watched a friend die?!" Dabi stomps on him yet again.

"Hey now!! That was rude!" And again. "I haven't cried since my tear ducts got all burned. With Twice around my dream had a way better chance of coming true! So of course I'm sad! You should be too, seeing that I burnt that pretty little birdy of yours to a crisp." The man bursts into flames, and the previously-winged hero shields his face from further damage. "SO, SOOO SAD!"

Hawks can't let himself falter at the news of your death. He doesn't have any reason to believe it's true, anyway. He would know. He had that wicked sense of intuition, and it had never led him astray. It hadn't surfaced at all after your disappearance, so he tread carefully on the assurance that you were alive.

"You and the League..." It was hard to speak under the searing heat, but somehow he managed, probably out of spite and stubbornness more than anything else. "I looked into your backgrounds, but I came up with nothing! I found out about Shigaraki eventually. Only you..."

A blink sent him to a flashback of his childhood, the moment where he was informed of his rough training. All he had asked was if he could be like Endeavour. Then to you, and the moment you told him that your father was a hero that 'disappeared'. You wanted to find him.

With a low chuckle, Dabi answers him.

Hawks heart plummets through the floor. How had he not figured it out sooner?

"More than Twice. More than anyone, you should've been keeping both eyes on me. The League? Shigaraki? I never gave a crap about them. A single person...with a single conviction...has the power to change the world. There are no "true heros". I...plan to make my will a reality." He laughs, tilting his head back to look up before it drops again, hanging low like he had no bones in his neck. His turquoise eyes lock with Hawks golden ones.

"See ya, Keigo. Say hello to that little bird for me, will ya?"

Keigo's eyes widen as Dabi's entire body bursts into flames.

"Your life's another thing I don't care about."

Before he meets his fate like he expects, a large rumble causes the burning villain to stumble backwards.

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