005. Bastards

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Months had passed, and Aemond and Aemma had fallen into a comfortable routine. Aemma had almost forgotten what her days had been like without sneaking off to enjoy time with Aemond. Their time was mostly spent in the dragon pit, where the dragon keepers were slowly getting annoyed by their antics. 

On this day, they had been rudely kicked out by Aegon, who declared he needed time alone to train his dragon. So instead, they found their spot in the gardens. The two were walking, discussing what they often discussed. Dragons. While Aemma enjoyed their talks about other matters, Aemond always seemed to find his mind returning to the one thing he didn't have. Aemma couldn't pretend to understand, so she simply allowed him to talk.

"If someone were to die, I could claim their dragon for myself," Aemond pointed out, pushing his white hair out of his face, "Should Aegon befall a terrible fate, Sunfyre could be mine,"

"Sunfyre is beautiful," Aemma mused, glancing towards Aemond with a mischievous look, "But there are easier ways to get a dragon,"

Aemond faltered in his steps before composing himself. Aemond had always been rather pretty, especially when he was confused or flustered. Aemma had noticed it before, of course, but it had never been as present in her mind as it was now. The more time she spent with Aemond, the more she noticed it. He had the silver-white hair that Aemma had wished for so long she had been born with. It suited his freckled skin and light eyes perfectly, while Aemma assumed it would look contrasting compared to her brown eyes and plain features. She knew she wasn't ugly Aemma was confident in how pretty she was. It was more that Aemond was so Targaryen in appearance, while Aemma was not given that privilege. 

"How else could I get a dragon?" Aemond asked, furrowing his brows, "You don't still believe a person can steal a dragon, do you?"

"I do, but that's not what I meant," Aemma said, flashing an instigators smile, "You could marry someone with a dragon. Then you can share it,"

Aemond crinkled his nose, pushing Aemma slightly, who stumbled back with a laugh. 

"And who exactly would I be marrying?" Aemond asked her, a soft look flashing across his eyes when he glanced at her. 

"Well, Jace has a perfectly good dragon," Aemma jested, earning an eye-roll, "What? He's going to be King one day. You could be prince consort,"

"I don't think my mother, The Queen, would be very happy about that," Aemond pointed out.

The two reached a small pond that was in the garden. Instead of going around, Aemond took a few steps back before leaping over the small pond to the other side. Turning towards Aemma, who was still on the other side, with a victorious smile, he offered her his hand. 

"I've got it," Aemma said, taking a few steps back.

Grabbing hold of the bottom of her dress, she took a running start. As she jumped into the air, she realised she'd just fallen short of the other side. Luckily, Aemond had guessed the outcome already and leaned forward to grab her. With his hands around her waist, he softly lowered her onto the ground. 

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