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This was a request by @AmberNiehoff !
This is a stripper Sun x Moon one.

This will be an AU where they do not work at the daycare, just for this to make sense. Also, Sun will have a slightly different personality in this one.

This may have smut.

Btw, I appreciate the request!

3rd Person POV
Sun walked up to the doors, heels hitting the floor loudly with each step. The outfit he was wearing felt way too tight on him, and he felt exposed. Well, he was used to that. This was his job, he was programmed for this.

I'm pretty sure he was originally built for something else, but they went with this instead.

Where was he heading to? Fazbear entertainment built an underground party, an strip club, and it was mainly for animatronics, but humans could come as well. Why? Who the fuck knows, maybe just for the 'fun' of it.

Sun stopped, realizing he had finally reached the entrance. He took a deep breath, stepping through the automatic doors.

He was greeted with loud music. He glanced around, some animatronics dancing and drinking. Somehow, animatronics could get drunk, which confused the fuck out of Sun. He walked his way over to the platform.

Once he stepped onto it, he walked over to the tall pole in the middle. The crowd had all turned to look at him. He glanced around a bit, then gripped onto the pole with both hands.

Moon walked towards the entrance of the club. He hadn't found out about this place until today, and hell he wish he would've known sooner. This sounded fascinating to him, so he rushed there in a heartbeat.

The automatic doors opened, allowing him to step inside. He looked around. It was crowded as fuck, but specifically around an area that was lit up with hot pink lights. He couldn't quite see it over the crowd of people, though.

He walked over to it, pushing only a few people. He was a tall animatronic, so he was able to see what was going on clearly.

He saw Sun, spinning and dancing on the pole. He had heard of him before, but never seen him in person. He only seen him in the posters, but he really looked nothing like them.

He glanced at him up and down. He found him attractive as hell, and he was sorta turned on. Sun noticed him then smiled and winked at him, making Moon's heart flutter. He grinned at Sun, continuing to watch.

Time skip
Sun was in backstage, sitting down on the small couch with his legs crossed, softly panting. He had an hour long break until 'entertaining' everyone again. He decided to get a drink.

He stepped outside of the curtains, luckily, catching no one's attention. He walked over to the bar, not being able to hear his heels over the loud music.

He sat down, telling the bartender what he wanted and having small talk with him. The bartender then handed him his drink. He thanked him, grabbing the glass and putting it up to his lips.

Suddenly, he saw someone in the corner of his eye standing next to him, leaning on the table, awfully close. He ignored it, looking off to the side, assuming it was some dude trying to hit on him.

"Hello, doll." They placed a finger on his chin, making him look up. Sun realized it was Moon, making his heart flutter a bit.

Ever since he heard about this guy, he has had a small crush on him. Or at least he thought it was just a 'small' crush.

This was the first time he seen Moon come here. Usually, he would just see him appear in random parts of the building. "Hello." He responded, sipping his drink before setting it down again. "Say, who gave you permission to be this beautiful?" Moon said flirtatiously, grinning at Sun.

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