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3rd Person POV
It was in the middle of the day, Sun playing with the children as usual. Right now, they are doing arts and crafts. This was always Sun's favorite time of the day, he loved seeing how creative the children were.

He was sitting down on his knees, watching all the kids, smiling. He glanced around for Moon. Finally, he saw him in the distance, talking to a little boy. He couldn't quite hear what they were saying, but he found it very cute whenever Moon was interacting with the children.

He turned his attention back to the kids, complimenting their drawings.

☀️Sun POV☀️
After 30 minutes or so, arts and crafts had sadly ended. But we got to play more games! I gathered everyone up to play hide and seek. As I was about to start counting, a little boy came up to me. "Mr. Sun?" He said, tugging on my pants.

"Oh, yes sunshine?" I bent down. "What is a slut?"


Back to 3rd
Time skip
It was now the end of the day. Sun and Moon were leading all the children to the daycare's pick up. Moon glanced at Sun, but he seemed a bit mad. He was gonna say something, but decided to shut up for now.

After everyone had gotten picked up and Sun had shut the doors, Moon tried to talk to him but Sun walked past him, ignoring him. Moon blinked, watching Sun walk away with a concerned look.

If you know Moon, he hates being ignored. He attached his wire to his back, following behind Sun.

Sun walked over to the kiddy table, then started to clean. Moon wrapped his arms around him, resting his head on his shoulder. Sun glanced at Moon for a second, then went back to what he was doing. Moon was honestly really desperate for attention, so he decided to say something.

"Are you okay, darling?" He said, using a calm tone. Sun responded with a quiet hum, as in a yes. Moon still wasn't convinced.

He picked Sun up, quickly flying up to their room. Once he got up there, he laid Sun down on the bed, then crawled ontop of him. He wrapped his arms around Sun's waist, resting his head on his chest. He did all of this without giving Sun a chance to talk, or even think. "Tell me the truth." Sun looked down at Moon.

He wrapped his arms around him, lightly tracing shapes on his back. "Moony, Im fine, really." Moon gave a low hum then nuzzled into Sun's neck, placing a kiss on it.

A few minutes go by of cuddling, then Sun started to talk. "Hey, Moony?" He said, poking Moon's cheek. Moon looked up at him and raised an eyebrow. "Hm?" Sun exhaled. "So, one of the kids asked me what a. . .a slut was." He said, hesitating to say 'slut.' Moon's eyes widened a bit, knowing he was guilty.

"Care to explain what you're teaching them?" Sun's expression turned into a serious one.

Moon felt his throat tighten. After a short pause, even though it felt like forever, Moon cleared his throat before talking. "I mean, I can demonstrate it." He sat up. He leaned down and tried to kiss him, but Sun turned his head to the side, not letting him.

He grabbed Moon and pushed him down, now being the one ontop of him. He took the ribbon off of his wrists, then grabbed Moon's wrists and tied his hands together. Moon watched, grinning.

Sun then stood up and picked Moon up, walking over to the corner of the room. He set Moon down in the corner. Moon felt confused. "What are you doing?" Sun crossed his arms.

"I'm putting you in timeout." He walked out of the room, leaving Moon tied up in the corner.

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