009. Your desires above all

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Chapter nine

Chapter nine

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Rhaenyra Targaryen had whisked her children out of Kings Landing and onto Dragonstone in the blink of an eye, allowing no time for departing words. Aemma had tried to evade her mother, futilely searching for Aemond around the castle before her mother found her and pulled her away. Aemma hadn't been able to say anything to Aemond and hadn't even had the chance of a parting hug. 

The boat ride to Dragonstone was filled with Aemma begging her mother to bring her back to Kings Landing, offering the idea of marrying herself to Aemond. Aemma, of course, had positioned it as a way to bring the separate factions of the same house together. It matter little, whatever her reason was, for Rhaenyra hardly toyed with the idea, coldly telling Aemma she wouldn't dare sell her daughter off to a family of snakes and miscreants. Rhaenyra had promised Aemma, holding Aemma's hands in hers as the realms delight softened at her daughter's teary eyes, that she would marry a prince worthy of her love and affection. A prince who was good and just, who would respect her and defend her to the ends of the earth. 

But Aemma didn't want a prince like that. 

Aemma wanted Aemond. 

 Aemma knew Aemond would respect and defend her, she knew he would stand loyally by her side until they died in old age. Aemma didn't want some stuffy prince who smiled crookedly and slept in another bed while boasting that he was oh so loyal to her. 

Luckily, it seemed the Gods also wanted Aemma to be with Aemond. For it had only taken a few days of misery for the two to be reunited. 

The funeral of Laena Velaryon was not the best place to be reunited, however. 

Aemma stood beside her father, clutching his hand as she stared up at him. She'd never seen him so broken, as though a part of him was within the casket with his sister. She wasn't yet fluent in High Valyrian, so she understood little of what was being said by her great-uncle. So instead she chose to watch on, keeping most of her attention on her father. 

She watched as the casket slowly made its way into the sea, holding her father tightly in case he tried to jump in after her. 

People began moving around them, but Aemma stayed by her father's side. 

"Would you like me to lead you up to the castle, father?" Aemma asked, glancing into Laenors misty eyes.

"No, no that's all right," Laenor said, using all of his might to glance down at his daughter and offer her a small smile, "I think I'll stay here for a little while,"

"I can stay too,"

"No..." Laenor took a deep breath, the tears threatening to spill, "I'd like to be alone for now,"

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