*-Pt.2: Timeout-*

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As requested by @itznoahp , Moon getting revenge on Sun.

3rd person POV
An hour or so has gone by, and Moon had still been in the corner, questioning life. He glanced at his wrists that had been tied together.

He thought of biting down on the ribbon until it broke, but it was Sun's, and he didn't want to break it. Instead, he tried to untie his hands without damaging the ribbon.

After what felt like forever, he somehow managed to get out of the ribbon. He rubbed his wrists then stood up. He walked towards the small desk they had in their room, then opened the art supplies drawer. He dug through and found a piece of rope.

He then started to walk out of the room, putting it into his pocket.

Once he got onto the balcony, he spotted Sun in the distance. He attached his wire to his back, flying down without Sun noticing him. He turned off the lights, since he knew Sun couldn't see that well in the dark. As for him, it was the opposite.

Sun jolted. He glanced around, trying to see if Moon was anywhere. Of course, Sun couldn't see that Moon was so close to him. He had been hovering behind Sun.

Moon quickly grabbed Sun by the waist, lifting him off of the ground. Sun was confused on how he got out of the ribbon. He glanced over at Moon, who seemed a bit pissed.

Moon landed on the balcony then walked into the room. He set Sun down onto the bed then crawled ontop of him. He pulled the rope out of his pocket. Sun glanced at it, then at Moon. "Moon, let's talk about th—" Before he could finish, Moon started to tie his wrists up.

There was a moment of silence. Sun squirmed around a bit. "That's too tight." He whined.

"Being tied up in a corner for nearly two hours doesn't feel the best either." Moon said, looking directly into Sun's eyes. Sun blinked. He had a point. 

"But, I'll be nice." He grabbed Sun's wrists by the rope, pulling them towards him. He loosened the rope a bit. "Better?" He asked. Sun looked up at Moon and nodded.

Moon studied Sun's body. "Now, what to do with you. . ." He said under his breath. "I would leave you in a corner as well, but that would be boring." He laid down besides Sun. He pulled him onto his chest, wrapping his arms around him.

Sun felt confused. He was expecting something worse.

Moon looked down at him. He held his cheek, raising his head up. He kissed him on the lips. Sun kissed back, trying to move closer to Moon. Moon's hand made it's way down to Sun's thigh, lifting his leg over him. He placed his other on his back, pulling Sun close.

Eventually, they pulled out, both panting. Once Sun caught his breath, he spoke. "Can you untie my hands now?" He looked up at Moon with puppy eyes.

This time, though, Moon didn't fall for it. "Sorry, but no. I'm still mad at you."

He grabbed Sun's wrists and threw his arms around his neck. "So I'll leave you like this for awhile." He wrapped his arms around Sun's waist. Sun sighed then wrapped his legs around Moon, nuzzling his head into his chest.

Multiple minutes had past by. Moon looked down at Sun, who had his eyes closed, and his breathing was slowing down. He was falling asleep. Moon smiled and kissed him on the forehead.

He wanted Sun to have a comfortable sleep, so he took the rope off of his wrists.

He put it back to where it was then walked back over to the bed. He crawled in with him, then pulled the covers over both of them. He wrapped his arms around Sun, pulling him close.

Due to his surprise, Sun wrapped his arms and legs around Moon. Moon looked at Sun, who's eyes were closed, but he had a small smirk on his face. He had been awake the whole time.

"You're such a liar." He said, annoyed. Sun giggled. Moon decided to let this slide. Soon, the two fell asleep in each others arms.

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