010. Strangers

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Aemma could hardly keep her eyes off Aemond

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Aemma could hardly keep her eyes off Aemond. He was not a perfect person, she knew that all along, but he had never been a vile thing. Every time she had seen him, spent time with him, loved him, she had only loved one side of him. Aemond had only let her see half of him. He had been in the half-light, half-darkness their entire lives. And Aemma could not see in the dark.

"It will heal, will it not, maester?"

Aemma turned her attention to Queen Alicent, narrowing her eyes at the woman who looked so worried for her son. Perhaps the Queen was like Aemma, unaware of the true nature of Aemond Targaryen. Should she have known what Aemond had done, had said to Aemma and her brothers, she would likely hope the eye would not heal. Aemond deserved his damages.

"The flesh will heal." Maester Kelvyn said, calmly finishing the last of the stitching, "But the eye is lost, Your Grace,"

The smallest smile graced Aemma's face.

"Where were you?"

Aemma's smile slipped as Alicent's face turned to fury, making her way to Aegon and sending a sharp slap across his cheek.

"Ow! What was that for?" Aegon cried, holding his face.

"That was nothing compared to the abuse your brother suffered while you were drowning in your cups, you fool,"

The sound of the large door opening caught Aemma's attention, hoping it was her mother and father there to save them.

"What is the meaning of this?"

Aemma frowned, holding her brothers tightly as her grandparents ran straight for her cousins. Princess Rhaenys had no love for them. Aemma knew they would find little help with their presence.

"Jace? Aemma?" Their mother's voice was heard, sending a flood of relief through Aemma's body as Rhaenyra rushed towards them, getting to her knees in front of Luke, "Luke! Show me. Show me,"

Aemma watched as Rhaenyra glanced at Jace and her, Aemma sending her a nod that they weren't as hurt as Luke.

"Who did this?"

"They attacked me!" Aemond shouted.

"He attacked Baela!" Jace said.

"You're a cunt!" Aemma shouted back at Aemond, balling her fists.

The shouting match began, each opponent sending accusations each and every way. Rhaenyra and Rhaenys did their best to understand the situation, while Alicent joined the children in shouting.

"Silence!" Viserys commanded the room, moving towards his second family, "Aemond...I will have the truth of what happened. Now,"

"What else is there to hear?" Queen Alicent said, her voice shaky from the ordeal, "Your son has been maimed. Her son is responsible,"

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