011. A Return To the Betrayer

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A crisp cool breeze ran through Dragonstone, entirely ignoring the harsh clash of steel upon steel as it ruffled the grass that was being trampled on by the two fighters. It was a fierce battle, with the silver-haired foe giving very little pause as he continued trying to force his opponent towards the cliffs. The opponent, however, was relatively quick on their feet and managed to duck and twirl away from most attacks. Those attacks that were too close to move away from were met with the steel of a lightweight sword. 

A hearty roar of laughter was caught by the breeze, sending it towards the castle. Aemma, the opponent on the defence, deflected a strong blow her way, side-stepping, so she didn't move near the edge of the cliff. Her sword caught another blow, twisting her wrist so she could manoeuvre the blade towards the ground. Taking the second of her opponent's moment of pride, Aemma managed to maneuver the sword so that it flew away from the duo and towards the cliff's edge. Her former attacker glanced towards his sword, but Aemma already had her dainty sword pointed at his neck. 

"Come on, father, you said you weren't going to go easy this time," Aemma grinned, throwing her sword in the air just to catch it, "If you let me win again, I'm going to have to actually stab you with this,"

Daemon, the silver-haired rogue prince, stared at his stepdaughter with a glimmer of affection. It was gone quickly enough as he grabbed her wrist and twisted it, easily capturing the sword for himself as he spun her around. 

Aemma's back hit Daemon's chest, feeling the sword's tip on her skin. 

"That's more like it," Aemma grinned.

Daemon laughed, pushing her towards his discarded sword good-naturedly. 

"You've been excelling recently, Aemma," Daemon told her, "Soon enough, you'll be quick enough to slash through someone's good remaining eye,"

Aemma grimaced, the mention of the one-eyed fiend still sending a rush of unpleasantness through her body. His mere mention also sent a rush of something else through her, but she wholly ignored every feeling other than loath for him. 

"You'll need that speed soon enough," Daemon said, catching Aemma's attention, "I expect we'll be sailing to Kings Landing,"

Aemma glanced up at the sky as a choir of roars shook the sky, watching as Greensmoke flew far ahead of the rest of the dragons. While she had gotten faster with the blade, Greensmoke had gotten faster too. 

"Aemma, do you know Dranot?" 

Aemma turned, dropping the dress she had in hand to allow her arms as Joffery ran towards her. Kneeling down, she enveloped him in a hug before swinging him onto her bed. 

"My, you're getting heavier and heavier. Are they feeding you what they feed our dragons?" Aemma said, earning a happy laugh from her youngest brother, before turning to her older brother in confusion, "uhh... the head?"

"The mouth," Jace said victoriously, as though her words had proved something to him, "It's not just me, then,"

"Seven hells, Jace, you're not going to pick up Old Valeryian in a few days," Aemma rolled her eyes, returning to her packing, "But you may need to brush up on your snake-speaking,"

"And you may need to brush up on your diplomacy skills and how to keep a level head," Jace shot back at her as he sat on her bed, "We aren't going into Kings Landing to cut off the heads of our uncles and grandmother,"

"We very well may have to," Aemma said tersely, "You'd be a terrible future King if you didn't believe them our enemies,"

"Your enemies are who you have to make bedfellows with," Jace pointed out, proving his worth as the heir, "And a future King would do well to try and turn enemies into allies before declaring a war,"

Aemma glared at her brother. He had always been the better of the two. 

Authors note:

Yes a short chapter to ease you into adult Aemma. I wanted the Kings Landing shenanigans to start on their very own chapter, cause they'll be a lot of tomfoolery lol.

You'll see a bit of a change in Aemma's personality due to her being raised by Daemon, but I'm out here egging her on to be as rude as he is. 


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