Some Questions

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Hey guys I was writing the next chapter for the story and planning ahead but there  seem to be choice that I have and wanted to ask your opinion on it. I have planned on having this story a big one, probably have all the 7 years of Hogwarts and even more maybe. 

So, there is something that I am struggling with and it's the pairing. Sure Harry/Hermione is the main pairing but I think that it will become multi later, it was have probably an OC/Harry and maybe Daphne/Harry too. I am not sure about other pairing right now but I wanted to ask if it will bother you guys?

Will the multi pairing bother you guys too much? Sure if the story even does turn into multi it won't be some ridiculous thing like having like six or seven girls as Harry's partner and smut in every other chapter. 

Sure the pairing that I have in my mind include Harry/Hermione(of course), Harry/OC(it would be important for the setup I will be making  for the war), Harry/Fleur and Harry/Daphne with very slim chances of Harry/Susan if so ever and the smut maybe will be there but won't be happening like in every other chapter and I might keep that off the screen most of the time because many people are uncomfortable with it.

Do tell your opinion on that because I am more inclined towards having multi pairing because of the nature of the fic where it will go but I would like to have some more thoughts from other person too.

I also wanted to ask about some other characters. I would tell you that this story is not going to bash characters too much, sure there would be bashing of Ron, Molly, Dumbledore, even Remus at some point for how they behaved and what they did but it won't the main thing and would stop after 2 years at most. 3 or 4 in case of Dumbledore and Remus.

So, I needed the opinion what would you want from Ron? Die in war? Or maybe removed from main character and have a side pairing with Lavender and do whatever they could? 

Molly, bashed too much? or maybe left as a over caring mother with old, pureblood views? 

Dumbledore, sorry no choice but would be a good guy as the story won't progress otherwise as I have a lot of plans for him.

Draco, yeah he also a very confusing thing at this point. I got a lot of possible scenarios with him, like killing him with cunt of father? humiliate him totally? or rather become friends with Harry? Maybe also have back from future with a different motive? Or a very different person that I am thinking of(not revealing right now but the idea is my most favourite one, if got in the story you will know otherwise, will tell you all)

I guess that's all. Do tell me your thoughts on individual one or anyone else on that matters. A person who you would like to see as a friend, enemy or just ally or removed from main characters or anything else you guys thought of. 

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