Moonrise (Sonic the Hedgehog/Werehog x Reader)

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A/n: This is not based off the Shattered World Crisis or Unleashed. It's taking the concept of the werehog in a little bit of a different way.

And yes, there is an HTTYD reference in there. A high five to anyone who can catch it.

"You have no idea what bit you." The incredulous question, phrased more as a statement, made Sonic bristle indignantly.

"Well, no. I was kind of busy at the time!" he said defensively. "You know, Eggman and all that!" He looked down at the swollen bite on his arm. "You have no idea what bit me?"

"It looks vaguely like a feral wolf bite," the doctor said uncertainly. "But I've never seen one quite like that."

"Well, it hurts," Sonic said. He lifted a hand. "As all feral animal bites probably do. But this one has been here for a week and it's not going away. Maybe it was rabid?"

"A week? You'd be bedridden or dead by now," the doctor said dismissively. "I can give you some painkillers if the bite interferes with your work, but I think the best thing you can do is push through and wait it out."

Sonic sighed, rubbing the bite gingerly. "Okay. Thanks doc."

"Of course. Sorry about my skepticism."

"Think nothing of it. Comes with the job." Sonic hopped off the bed and flashed the doctor a grin and a thumbs up before speeding out of the room.

"So?" Tails asked without looking up as the hedgehog blew into his workshop.

"Just a bite," Sonic said, leaning against the desk beside his friend. Tails looked up, lifting an eyebrow.

"I feel like it would have gotten at least a little better by now, especially with your speed to heal you," he said. "It wasn't infected?" Sonic shook his head. "That's weird, but if you're not worried, then I guess we can just leave it alone."

"I'm sure it'll go away eventually. Maybe it was infected and now it's not." Sonic did a quick jog in place. "Anyway. More things to worry about than a little bite."

"Little," Tails muttered under his breath as the hedgehog turned away. "I think (Y/n) said she was going to meet you at the park or something."

"Right. Almost forgot about that! Thanks, bud!" And he was gone, rushing off to the park.

He skidded to a stop at the side of a pretty (a/t), who was carrying an ice cream cone that had been flattened at the top. "Hey, (Y/n)," Sonic said cheerfully. The (a/t) yelped, startled. She flipped the cone in her hand and took a swing at the hedgehog's head with the sharp end. Sonic barely ducked, catching her return swing.

"Please don't kill me with an ice cream cone," he said. "What an embarrassing way to die."

"You scared me," (Y/n) said, pressing a hand to her chest and lifting the cone to her mouth. "And trust me, if I'd been actually trying to kill you, you'd be dead on the pavement."

"I'm sure," Sonic said, weaving his arm through hers and tugging her down the path. "Tails refuses to put up Halloween decorations - can you believe it? He should take some time to be a kid."

"Like you?" (Y/n) teased, bumping her hip against his. "What are you dressing up as this year, Mr. Mature?"

"Haven't decided."

"You have three days to decide, Sonic. Be the example." He sighed, pulling her into a small café. She dropped the remainder of her cone into the garbage, keeping her arm linked with his as they walked to the front.

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