Truth or Dare Chapter 1

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"Truth or dare?"

"Dare," I reply relief to the fact they can't ask me who I like.

"I dare you to.. I dare you to prank call a random number in the phone book!," my best friend Jessica replies.

I nonchalantly run down to my kitchen to grab my moms phone book. I run back upstairs and flip it to a random page. I close my eyes and run my fingers over the numbers and stop on one.

"Gretel John? Sounds like some old lady," I laugh.

"Just do it already, Madi!," Molly yells.

I groan as I start dialing *67 into my phone. I carelessly copy down the numbers into my phone then hold it up to my ear. I hear the same ring I've hear a thousand times on the line. In the middle of the fourth ring, I hear the line click.

"Yes?" A deep voice asks.

"Is this the residence of Miss Parkman?," I ask in a sweet little girl voice.

"She, uh, she just left," the mysterious person answers.

"Oh thank-" I say getting cut off as the person hangs up the phone.

"Whatever!" I yell at the phone that no longer has another caller.

My friends start laughing as I resume the game.

"Umm. Rachael truth or dare?"

"Truth," Rachael answers in her innocent voice.

"Is it true you went on a date with Paul?" I ask smiling at the fact her face was turning bright red.

"We'll uh- Oh Madi, someone's calling you!"

She distracts me. I look down at my phone as a get a call from an unknown caller.

"Hello?" I answer with a confused tone.

"Is this Madi?" An unemotional voice asks.

"Yes who's this?"

"You'll find out soon enough"

The phone clicks and I'm left with the dial tone.


Hi everyone so this is the first long story I've wrote! I'm going to update as much as I can and hopefully make this good! Please follow me and vote and comment! Please no mean comments :( thanks everyone! :)

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