Truth or Dare Chapter 3

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Rachael shrinks back trying to hide from whatever waited outside for us. Jessica, being as fearless as she is, picks up my flashlight and shines it at the window. A face starts to come into sight as we all scream until our lungs give out.

"Really Eddie!?" Jessica yells at the source of our heart attacks.

"Hey," the blonde boy replies, "it was Garrett's idea!"

The redhead slowly comes into view with a slight blush on his face.

"Well. Come in!" I say as the boys begin to climb into the window.

Rachael smiles as Paul comes through the window too.

"Want to play with my ouija board?" Asks Molly.

Danielle backs away. "I don't want to get possessed!"

"Come on guys don't be babies!" Eddie mocks.

"Fine," I agree, "but if someone gets scared, no more."

Everyone nods in agreement. My phone suddenly starts ringing. Everyone jumps from the surprise of it. That's odd. I don't remember my ringer being on. Yet again it's a blocked number.

"Really guys?" I say, "We're right here."

"It's not us." murmurs Garrett.

"Hello?" I say in an annoyed tone.

"How's your party?" Asks a familiar voice.

"Who are you?" I ask.

All I hear on the other line is deep breathing. Then the other party disconnects. Why did I know that voice?


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