014. Ladies and Gentlemen: Her

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Her steps were harsh on the pristine floors, the rage filling her veins in that one night being enough anger one should feel in a lifetime

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Her steps were harsh on the pristine floors, the rage filling her veins in that one night being enough anger one should feel in a lifetime. To be branded bastards and, in the same breath, have her mother's character dragged through the mud by some second son made her wish she could simply scream. Even the swift judgment of her father didn't subside all of her anger, knowing the people that circulated the filth were sitting happily in her grandfather's spot left a terrible taste in her mouth.

The cool wine she had downed still lingered in her mouth, making her anger all that much harder to control. Had the anger not had such a hold on her, keeping her straight on her warpath, she was sure there would have been a wobble in her legs. It was that poor mixture of alcohol and anger that made her decide her best option was to go for a walk around the halls of Kings Landing by herself, leaving the safety of the Kingsguard to experience her emotions freely.

She walked past those horrid stars that seemed to adorn every wall in the keep, displeasure filling her veins as she was again reminded that Kings Landing no longer belonged to her. She could not wait to leave the Green infested halls and return to her home of Dragonstone.

Aemma sighed, stopping dead in her tracks. Her original goal was to return to her room, but as she stood at the Keeps entrance to the dragon pit, she realised she'd been going on muscle memory alone. And when she wasn't thinking, she always returned to where she spent most of her childhood. Where most of her happiest memories, now tainted with anger and disdain, were to be found.

Luckily, few walked down these halls, so no one had seen her blunder and mental scolding. Turning around to begin her return to the more used corridors, she let out a string of curses as her face collided with a chest.

Taking multiple steps back, she took breaths to steady her heart as she glared at her uncle. His white hair seemed to attract the light as his lean figure stood calmly before her. His eye watching her with disinterest.

"Do you spy now?" Aemma practically shouted, annoyed by his indifference, "Is that what your pretty mother teaches? Spying and how to be a shit prince?"

Aemond watched her, slight amusement in his eye.

"I sometimes ride my dragon when I cannot sleep,"

Aemma scoffed, beginning to walk away, "Aegon was right. You are a right twat,"

As she brushed past him, her shoulder hitting him on the way, Aemond grabbed onto her wrist.

"And what were you doing here?"

Aemma stared at him with contempt, letting out an annoyed chuckle as she fully turned to face him.

"Going for a walk, admiring these horrid stars on your walls," Aemma said sarcastically, crossing her arms over her body, "Why do you think I'm here?"

"Perhaps you came to find me," Aemond said simply, watching her intently, "To gloat over your success in the throne room,"

"I would never need to gloat to you," Aemma said.

"Yes, you would," Aemond said, tilting his head slightly as he watched her, "I know you. You are prideful. That hit in the throne room bruised that pride, and to have lost his head for it? While it wouldn't recover your pride entirely, it would give you reason to throw it in my face,"

Aemma stared at Aemond incredulously, infuriated by his belief that she would care enough about him to gloat. Infuriated by the truth that stared her so boldly in the face.

"He had no right to say what he did, he deserved what he got," Aemma said as she strode to stand in front of Aemond, staring at him with pure unadulterated anger.

"Did he not?" Aemond quirked an eyebrow.

"I am no Strong,"

"Then what are you?"

Aemma stared at him, a wildfire playing in her eyes.

"A Targaryen,"

Her words were bold, but her actions even bolder as she crashed her lips against his.

Aemond was quick to pull away, glancing at her for confirmation that this was what she wanted. She answered with a sly grin, running her thumb over his bottom lip teasingly. Now it was his turn to respond.

And so he did. He quickly grabbed her by the waist, pushing her into the wall that was behind him as he turned on the attack. His movements were hungry, as though he'd been waiting for her since she left.

Aemma was just as hungry in her movements, her cheeks burning as her hands tried to explore every part of him. Aemonds hands travelled down to her thighs, gripping them.

"Jump," Aemond murmured into her mouth, not parting from her lips.

Aemma did as she was told, her dress hiking up as her legs wrapped around Aemond's waist, using the wall behind her for extra support. Aemond's mouth travelled down to her neck, leaving Aemma unable to open her eyes as her fingers tangled in Aemon's perfectly white hair. Aemma breathed in the intoxicating scent of Aemond, the prince that was hers. It didn't last long, with Aemond trailing his nose up to her face, their foreheads pressed together as they stared at one another in comfortable silence.

Aemond's cheeks were rosy, his lips puffy from her constant attacks, as he nuzzled his face into her neck, breathing her in.

"Perhaps this conversation may be better finished in my room," Aemond murmured into her neck.

"Yes, I believe that would be sensible," Aemma breathed, intertwining her fingers in his.

Authors note:

Okay, I'm not great with smut and stuff so sorry lol. But yep. Hope you enjoyed lol

 Hope you enjoyed lol

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