Chapter 29 (Duke's POV)

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"Duke. I'm going to go help. Hopefully, we can find people under this mess and get them to the doctor. Who knows what happened to everyone here. You stay with Talon. Make sure he doesn't do anything." Charles said giving me a knowing look.

I nodded back at him in reply, looking at Talon then looking back. I watched Charles as he run off disappearing into the mess of blackness with who knows what inside. I just have to hope there are even survivors after this.

If there wasn't, the City of Caliber will be known as the city who perished and we the council that didn't help them in their time of need. The council itself might perish if would get out that the people who caused them could be one of us.

I look towards Talon, seeing him just standing there speechless. His facial expression was so confusing as it went to anger, sad and confused. He looks as distorted as Charles was, maybe worse.

"Is this the work of Winter or her father?" I asked him.

He turned around to look at me. His eyes told nothing to me nor did his facial expression. He didn't reply back making me more anxious by the second. At the same time, I dread of those words came out of his mouth saying this was the work of Winter.

"Who did this?!" I shouted at him causing him to jump.

"It's hard to tell." He trailed off.

"That's why you are here!" I shouted at him.

At that moment, I just realised how this situation was really affecting me. I press my hand against my forehead and close my eyes. I felt my chest tighten making my breathing irregular. I wanted to find her. I wanted to comfort her right now.

I knew from the short times, we spent together she wouldn't do this. It isn't like her. Or maybe it was just something I wanted to believe in. My own selfishness, wanting her to be this perfect person who could cure me.

"I don't want to hurt anybody this way. It makes me feel like a monster."You aren't a monster. You just aren't. You are so much more to me and everyone. You guide us to see the truth behind being someone powerful. Now is my turn to guide you, Winter. Guide you home.

"Talon!" I shouted at him causing him to jumped.

I grab hold of the neck of his shirt. My hot breath leaves my mouth as I hyperventilated. I need to find her. I need her.

"Answer me. Already, if not I will burn you to crisp." I shouted at him.

He flinched as I shouted at him. So weak. I hold him close to my face. Staring into his eyes with anger. If he wasn't going to tell me, then I will use violence to get that information.

"Tell me right now! Is it the work of Winter or her goddamn father!" I snarled.

"This isn't the work of Winter. I don't believe it is Winter's doing." He breathed out.

I released him when I heard those words. I let out my breath not realising I was holding on to it, this whole time. I felt myself calm down after that, but that didn't stop the rush of emotions I was feeling.

"Are you sure?" I asked him eyeing him.

"Yes, though there is another magic still lingering here. I think that belongs to Winter, but I don't think she did this." He said holding his chin.

"If her magic is still lingering here, then that means that she might be here. How strong is it?" I asked him feeling useless not being about to these sort of things.

"Faint but still strong. Like an hour ago or less. If you are right then she might still be here." He said.

"That's what I said. Now can you track her magic so we can find her already." I said getting impatient.

"I don't have the ability to track magic, you idiot. I'm also not your dog that does everything you command. You're the confused dog looking for its owner." He snapped at me.

This situation couldn't be truer. I was relying on an idiot to bring me to her. An idiot who is also in love with her. That will just show Winter that I'm incapable of protecting her and finding her, but Talon and Charlie knew her since young.

"There has to be something we can do to find her before she disappears. Is there any place she would go all the time?" I asked.

Suddenly a switch went off in his head and he started running away from me. I chase after him, feeling my insides boil. He wasn't answering any of my questions. I knew bringing him would be a bad idea.

"Talon!" I shouted after him as he keep running.

"Where are you going!" I asked him not really wanted to use my powers.

He started running up a trail, going up the mountain. I turn around and stood still for a moment. This gave me a view of the whole city. The smoke had cleared out already just leaving the remains of the fire and people. I look back at Talon who was still running up the mountain.

When I reach the top, I saw an old wooden house. It didn't seem to be in use or alive. Surrounding the house was garbage, tall weed and grass. Looks like it were abandoned for years.

I watch him enter the old house, I pick up my pace. When I reach the doorway, I saw Talon just standing there. I look at him. He was standing there like a statue. I look to my right to notice a figure standing there.

Her white hair flowed as the wind rushed in from the outside. She was dressed in a white gown that moved like her hair. Her back was facing us as she stood there, not turning around to see us.


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